Median peeling

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Median (medium) peeling is a procedure of a cosmetological nature, during which dead cells of the epidermis are removed, regenerative processes are activated and the skin is renewed. Let us see what serious cosmetic defects can be corrected using this cosmetic procedure.

What is the essence of the method?

The essence of this method lies in the active influence of devices, chemicals and mechanical devices on skin cells. Liquid evaporates from them, and dead skin particles are removed with the outgoing surface layer. Cell shells are purposefully broken and destroyed. As a result, such an “attack” on the epidermis, he begins to conduct active regenerative activity. There is a rapid recovery, accelerated production of collagen, which is filled with a new layer of the epidermis.

The influence of the median peeling on the condition of the integument

Median facial peeling is characterized by such a positive effect on the body:

  • tightening of the covers, increasing elasticity and smoothness;
  • the disappearance of scars and the alignment of the depressions on the face;
  • discoloration, partial or complete disappearance of pigment spots;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • significant decrease or disappearance of traces of age-related changes;
  • reduction of mimic wrinkles, the effect of acne and acne;
  • youth, grooming and radiance of the face.

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Indications for use of median peeling

Manipulation should be carried out according to the following cosmetic and medical indicators:

  • the presence of scars;
  • papillomas and warts;
  • stretch marks;
  • age and facial changes;
  • an increase in recesses and scars in the field of acne healed;
  • accelerated process of cell division of the epidermis with impaired separation processes.

Are there any contraindications?

With all the benefits of the manipulation, it is not shown to everyone. There are certain contraindications for:

  • inflammatory processes on the epidermis, including ulcers;
  • acute form of infectious diseases;
  • acute stage of cardiovascular diseases;
  • blood diseases, especially coagulation disorders;
  • diabetes and oncology;
  • all variants of mental and nervous disorders;
  • skin susceptibility to accelerated scarring.


The main technologies of the median peeling

Today there are several technologies. Let us consider in more detail each of them.

Hardware option

It is performed using a laser and other technological devices, and therefore is called hardware. The cost of this manipulation in the cabin is from 1200 rubles. The method is divided into two types.

  • Fractional laser method has many names - partial thermolysis or laser lattice. The bottom line is that the effect on the deep integument of the epidermis occurs by means of laser beams. Their protection forms something similar to a grid pattern. This allows you to actively stimulate the functions of regeneration, eliminating the likely complications. The recovery period after the laser grating is significantly reduced.
  • Laser grinding. It is performed by exposure to a laser beam over the entire area of ​​the epidermis. This can be described as “bombing” with high-energy pulses. Cell walls are destroyed, and cellular fluid evaporates. As a result of the received microtraumas, a quick regeneration process starts, and the tissues are actively renewed.

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Chemical Median Peeling

Chemical peels are fundamentally different from the previous method. The difference in the use of a variety of chemical compounds as active substances. The price starts from 1500 rubles per session. Often the following types of acids are used in cosmetology:

  • salicylic (acts as a paste or an aqueous solution, and only a solution with a concentration of at least 30% is used for the medial type of exposure);
  • dairy and fruit;
  • retinol, glycol and ascorbic;
  • trichloroacetic.

Under their action, the process of destruction of the cells of the integument occurs, and the process of accelerated recovery begins. The chemical species has many additional effects.

  • Surface cleaning and peeling. The outer part of the skin is whitened and gets rid of the stratum corneum.
  • Constriction Active agents will help to narrow the fat pores, from which the leveling surface.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect. There is the elimination of pathogenic flora.

Experts distinguish such varieties:

  • Depth- helps solve age-related problems: strengthening of turgor, elimination of wrinkles. Also used for grinding scars from operations or after minor injuries.
  • Surface. Get rid of irregularities, traces of acne and other defects.

Important! It is necessary to add to the list of contraindications for a chemical update allergic reaction to organic acids.


Mechanical mid scrub

The alternative name is grinding. The face after median peeling rejuvenates: wrinkles, scars and pits are smoothed. Photos of patients before and after are affected by changes for the better, since the effect is “minus 5 years”. Price from 1800 rubles.

  • Under the influence of high pressure is the dispersion of the smallest particles acting on the epidermis with high intensity. In other words, the cornified layer is cut off by microscopic crystals flying at high speed.
  • The active elements are particles of salt, aluminum, and even diamonds.
  • Depending on the goal, the strength and degree of influence of the elements is regulated by the beautician.
  • Mechanical impact has its advantages: it does not cause discomfort or pain, besides the recovery period occurs soon.

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Process features

  • Preliminary manipulation of the initial inspection and examination.
  • Immediately before the start of the manipulation, you should not use nourishing creams, take preparations of the retinol vitamin group, apply scrubs at home at least two days before going to the cosmetologist.
  • Cleansing the skin produces the same beautician, who will carry out the main action.


Face changes due to the procedure

Treated areas of the face and body may undergo some changes:

  1. Protein coagulation occurs. The first few hours the covers turn red due to the fact that the protein structures of the cells begin to thicken and coagulate.
  2. Puffiness and inflammation. This is a natural process, as the cells have undergone destruction, to which they are forced to react.
  3. Exfoliation can last up to 2 weeks, depending on the technology used and the personal reaction of the person.
  4. Regeneration - the emergence of a new layer of skin. He is already more smooth, smooth and neat. Shine and freshness.

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Median Peeling Reviews

Your attention to the reviews of patients who have visited a cosmetologist.

  • Irina, 35 years old: Passed the laser grid, as after acne rash remained unevenness and unevenness. The face has become smoother and younger, but deep pits still remained.
  • Karina, 39 years old: She used fruit acid care because she was worried about fine wrinkles. After the session they smoothed out, and the skin became elastic and radiant, as in youth.

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You should not beware of the median peeling, since modern technologies will minimize or completely prevent side effects, and qualified specialists will give you youth and freshness.

Video: Median Peeling Procedure

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