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Massage is an excellent procedure not only to relax and get rid of muscle pain and fatigue, it helps to preserve the beauty and youth of the whole body, improves skin condition, stimulates metabolic processes and strengthens muscle tissue. In this article we will explain in detail how to do lymphatic drainage facial massage. This is a great way to give your appearance the radiance and beauty of youth at any age.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure


Lymphatic drainage facial massage is recommended in case of violation of water-salt balance, symptoms of which are swelling, puffiness, formation of bags under the eyes for no apparent reason. To carry out lymphatic drainage facial massage can be, regardless of age. If you observe cosmetic defects that lead to the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissue, it is worth thinking about conducting such a procedure.


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Restrictions on the procedure are:

  • enlarged or inflamed lymph nodes in the face and neck;
  • inflammatory processes in the skin;
  • bleeding disorders, hemophilia;
  • after face surgery;
  • oncology;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • viral and catarrhal diseases.

Expected effect

After a lymphatic drainage massage of the face, the skin becomes elastic and taut due to the outflow of blood and lymph. Blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue is restored, the skin is well perceived oxygen, which contributes to the development of its own collagen.

This procedure makes it possible to effectively deal with the problems of the second chin, nasolabial folds and mimic wrinkles.

Types of lymphatic drainage massage

There are several techniques for this cosmetic procedure, which have their supporters and opponents. Every woman chooses what she likes more. But you should certainly consult with a specialist who will assess the condition of your skin, determine the desired degree of exposure and give the necessary recommendations.

Apparatus lymphatic drainage facial massage

Microcurrent lymphatic drainage

Among the hardware techniques emit:

  • Galvanization is a current of low voltage affect the skin, which actively gets rid of excess fluid;
  • Electroionophoresis - with the help of electrodes, which act under the current of very low voltage, special cosmetic preparations are injected into the skin, which moisturize and stimulate metabolic processes and blood circulation. At the same time, harmful substances and chemical compounds accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue are removed;
  • Process Therapy - a method of massage implies an impact not only on the skin of the face, but also on the whole body. With the help of a special suit, such a voltage is created that causes the fluid to circulate faster in the body and be eliminated naturally;
  • Vacuum lymphatic drainage - with the help of negative pressure, enhanced lymph flow is caused. This type of massaging is carried out only under the supervision of a specialist who monitors the condition of the skin and the general condition of the person;
  • Microcurrent lymphatic drainage - exposure to microcurrents on the upper layers of the dermis. Especially effective to fight wrinkles on the forehead and nasolabial wrinkles.

Manual lymphatic drainage facial massage

Manual technique of lymphatic drainage massaging is quite simple. She can be mastered by herself and without much difficulty to carry out manual lymphatic drainage massage at home. The effect of such a massage will be great, but there is one small condition - the skin should not be running. If you pay attention to problems that arise in time, then helping yourself will not be a big deal for you. You just need to master the technique of massaging.

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The manual lymphatic massage technique combines circular stroking, pinching and tapping movements along the massage lines. Before carrying out the procedure, special products (gel or cream) are applied on thoroughly cleansed skin. Without the application of such funds, the procedure cannot be carried out, since skin trauma is possible.

Lymphatic drainage massage do it yourself

The cost of one session of lymphatic drainage massaging in the beauty salon is not high now - 600-800 rubles. And if you order and pay for a whole course of procedures, then pay even less. But visiting the salon is also time, which is always lacking.

You can do a manual lymphatic drainage massage to yourself. To do this, you will need 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week. This will be enough to put your skin in order, unless, of course, you have deeper problems.

Step by step instructions for lymphatic drainage massage

points for massaging

Massaging is done with finger pads.

  1. Apply a cosmetic (gel, nourishing cream, milk or butter) to a clean and slightly steamed face;
  2. Forehead. Close pads of fingers, put in the center of the forehead and with smooth circular movements with a little pressure to hold the temples. The procedure is repeated several times.
  3. Eyes. Put the pads of the fingers on the nose and move them under the eyes to the temple with light pressing movements. In the opposite direction from the temple to the bridge of the nose, walk along the eyebrows with light circular movements. Also repeat several times.
  4. Cheeks. The first line of massaging the cheeks is from the center of the chin to the end of the lower jaw. The second line is from the corners of the lips to the ears. The third is from the center of the lower lip to the temples. The movements are smooth, slightly pressing and stretching the skin from the center.
  5. Nasolabial fold. Pads of index fingers put on the line of the nasolabial fold and saddle a few slack, but long pressing.
  6. Girly. Thumb pads make movements with a push from the center of the chin to the temples.

a girl with a perfect face

You should not do this massaging every day. The pressure should not be strong, so as not to injure the skin and not cause bruising. The effect of such a session will not be instant, but with its regular implementation, you will notice how the complexion changes, swelling disappears, the skin becomes more elastic and looks much younger. This procedure should be done in the evening or in the afternoon, but at such a time that after it is carried out, you will not go out into the street for at least an hour.

Japanese lymphatic drainage facial massage

Japanese lymphatic drainage facial massage is a special kind of skin care. If in the manual European lymphatic drainage massaging only finger pads are used and the impact is carried out only on the upper layers of the skin, then the Asahi massage is performed with the whole palm. Another difference is that it affects the skin, muscles, connective tissues, and even the bones of the skull.

Massage zogan is another name for the technique of Japanese lymphatic drainage massage, it has a positive effect on the muscles of the face of the head, which contributes to the preservation of facial contours, reducing wrinkles and improving skin condition.

Japanese lymphatic drainage facial massage is performed along the lymphatic vessels, especially the areas of the lymph nodes are studied. In order to master the Asahi massage technique, it is necessary to learn the location of the lymph nodes on the face and neck. The scheme of their location can be found in the anatomical atlas.

massaging process

Massage zogan is carried out only on the prepared face, which is applied to a special composition. It will moisturize and nourish the skin, penetrating into the subcutaneous zones. Phased exposure of the lymph nodes and blood vessels stimulates the outflow of excess fluid.

Lymphatic drainage massage is an effective help for your skin to remain young and beautiful for a long time, and the numerous reviews of young ladies who experience these sessions on themselves say this. Your radiant appearance will be the best confirmation of this.

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