Lip piercing

lower lip piercing

People still pierced their lips in antiquity, peoples in Mali and Ethiopia. For them, these punctures had a hidden meaning. And among the peoples of Africa and America, piercing in the lip took on quite awesome forms. Wood and clay circles, bones and shells of mollusks were placed in the lip. This piercing can be considered the safest procedure, since there are no large blood vessels and nerve endings in the lips. This he won his popularity. This type of puncture is very diverse. The most common to date, piercing the lower lip. The second place in popularity among women, after piercing the nose, is a puncture of the upper lip.

Kinds of lip punctures:

Jellyfish- this is a superficial piercing. To the name, this type of piercing is obliged to the hairdresser Carrick from Toronto. The process itself is a linear puncture on the upper lip and is located between the nose and the top of the lip. It heals after 3-4 weeks. The treatment is carried out by washing chlorhexidine at least 2 times a day.

lower jellyfish
Lower jellyfish- done in the middle under the lower lip, in a small hole, between the lip and chin.

Labret- the earring looks like a barbell and a cap and ball that do not unscrew.

Vertical Labret- a puncture, perpendicular to the lip, exactly in the center, a needle entering the border of the lower lip below, appears right in the center above.

Horizontal labret- a more complicated option and is done parallel to the lip; if the needle is not deep enough, the earring can be torn off. Its healing is longer in time. Piercing is located on the surface of the lip and do not lick it will not be easy enough. After all, the bacterium can be carried to the affected place with saliva.

Monroe- It resembles a mole above the lip - on the left or on the right, but more often it is a puncture on the left, like that of a famous actress.

Madonna- piercing on the right side.

Dahlia- piercing having scary roots. This type of puncture was named after the terrifying murder of a young girl from Los Angeles "Black Dahlia", she was found cut in two and her mouth was cut from ear to ear. Dahlia, puncture is an imitation of a torn mouth in the zone of labial adhesions.

There is also a puncture of the bridle on both the lower and the upper lip, called Smile / anti-smile.

This type of piercing is not immediately noticeable and got its name because of a smile,

puncture of the upper lip
allowing him to demonstrate. This is a very painless piercing that heals in 1-2 weeks. Puncture anti-smile should be done with greater caution, because the bridle of the lower lip is thinner and may tear.

Lip piercing care

After the procedure, it is necessary to ensure proper care in order to avoid bad consequences. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke or eat during the first 4 hours after the session. After 4 hours you can eat cereal, flour, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, except citrus. For a while, forget about kissing and oral sex. Until complete healing of the pierced place, it is necessary to abandon the hot, cold, sweet, salty and sharp. It is better to take vitamins for better healing.

Effects of the procedure

Before you go to the salon, think carefully about the need for this event in your life, because an incorrectly performed procedure or improper care may entail a lot of unpleasant moments:

  • There is a possibility of improper healing of the puncture.
  • Ability to hit the nerve ending
  • There is a possibility of infection with a disease such as AIDS or viral hepatitis.
  • 20% of punctures end with allergies or infections.
  • 10% of people should visit a doctor to wash a non-healing puncture. Sometimes even the piercing is removed.

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