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Many women spend an incredible amount of time every day, caring for the skin of the face, neck, hands, because these places are open, visible to others, and completely ignore part of the body that is hidden from prying eyes - the intimate area. And in vain! A neat haircut or perfect smoothness in this area can cause a sea of ​​positive for a man and add bright unforgettable colors to the intimate life of both partners. Laser hair removal zone bikini, like no other procedure helps to maintain female intimate beauty.

The procedure, called intimate laser hair removal, is widespread in beauty salons and, despite the huge competition in this area, takes a leading position among other methods of removing unwanted hair that are already familiar to us. And despite the fact that laser hair removal in intimate places is considered a priority procedure only for the female half of humanity, men with this view do not agree and do not want to keep up with fashion. Today, laser hair removal of the pubis and buttocks is practiced for them.

Laser hair removal zone bikinis with vegetation!

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Laser hair removal of the intimate zone is aimed at destroying the root causes of the growth of hair follicles. On the root and trunk of the hair act laser flash, which flashes for a split second. This time is enough for the light energy to transfer to thermal energy, under the action of which the main structural enzyme of the hair melanin will be destroyed. The effect will be noticeable immediately after the first procedure and will last for 2 to 3 months, but in order for the hair not to grow at all, it is necessary to conduct another 4 to 5 such sessions of getting rid of unwanted hair.

The beauty salon offers a choice of laser depilation in three forms:

  1. Classic bikini-hair removal at a distance of 3 centimeters from the fold in the groin.
  2. Bikini deep-pubic leave a thin strip. The rest of the hair is removed.
  3. Bikini total - complete hair removal.

Pre-procedure preparation

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Laser hair removal of the bikini area requires a little pre-procedure preparation from you, the scheme of this preparation is simple. 2–3 days prior to the session, it is necessary to cut the hair to 3–4 millimeters at the future laser treatment site itself, and immediately before the procedure you should take a bath to remove cosmetics from the intended place of the procedure: cream, deodorant, etc.

Intimate laser hair removal requires training and from the master cosmetologist. To begin with, the specialist of the salon selects the value of the physical parameter of the laser, which is individual for each person. And then the client is explained the instructions with the rules of safety during the session and outlines the scheme of work. When epilating a bikini area, no serious painkillers are required. The specialist may be limited to local anesthesia, possibly aloe vera extract. After the procedure, apply a moisturizing cream that will help prevent inflammation and promote rapid healing.

The cost of laser hair removal zone bikini. Prices for 2015:

  • Classic bikini: 4000- 5200.
  • Deep crotch bikini: 4400–7200.
  • The deep bikini of the interyagodic area: 4000- 5200.
  • Total Bikini: 6000-9900.

The cost of the procedure can be reduced if you simultaneously make and pay for several zones at once, for example, an intimate place and shin or pubis and armpits. Prices for deep bikini hair removal can also be significantly reduced if you buy a subscription for several sessions. Therefore, be sure to ask your master about the presence of additional discounts.

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Laser depilation do it yourself

Laser hair removal in the home for a long time was impossible. However, today, in order to look attractive everywhere, it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon at all; you can do it yourself. For this, special lasers for hair removal appeared. The main thing you want to note, carefully read the instructions, which clearly spelled out how to use this device step by step without the help of qualified specialists and then you will achieve excellent results!

Video: procedure for laser hair removal zone bikini

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