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Want to surprise your loved one and make a little bit of novelty in your sexual relationship? You will help intimate haircuts. Only when choosing a drawing be careful. In this question there is a fine line between “sexually” and “funny”. If you want your man to have a haircut in the intimate zone aroused excitement and admiration, and not a desire to retire to the next room and laugh, you need to choose the picture correctly. How to make an intimate haircut with your own hands, what picture to choose and about salon procedures further in the article.

Benefits of Intimate Haircuts

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Female intimate haircut is not only beautiful, but also hygienic. Of course, there are those who say that the more naturally the delicate area looks, the better. Here, as they say, the taste and color markers are different. Well, girls who prefer intimate hairstyles, note the following advantages:

  • A neatly made female intimate haircut looks more aesthetically pleasing than an overgrown bikini area.
  • A haircut in an intimate place can increase a woman’s self-esteem, even if no one sees your delicate picture.
  • Intimate hairstyles are a great alternative to shaving. A waxing procedure will give a sense of cleanliness for at least 3 weeks.
  • Female intimate hairstyles are one of the easiest ways to create a romantic mood for both partners.
  • The procedure is safe, though sometimes painful.
  • The procedure can be carried out at home on their own.

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Disadvantages of intimate hairstyles

According to the results of the soc. polls, about 30% of women would never have made themselves a haircut in a delicate area. Perhaps the reason for this is personal dislike for this procedure, or it may be due to the lack of complexes and modesty of women. Anyway, another survey shows that about 80% of men would like to see such an experiment in the delicate area of ​​their woman. Women who are opposed to intimate hairstyles point out the following disadvantages:

  • Embarrassment to the master who does the procedure. For some, due to conservative views, such a development does not even fit into my head.
  • Fears of a partner’s negative reaction to an experiment in a bikini area.
  • Abstinence from visiting the solarium and sunbathing until full recovery of the skin, in case of shaving of the pubic area.
  • Possible painful procedure.

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Fears and concerns that your loved one will not appreciate such an experiment can be easily dispelled, unobtrusively inquire about his attitude to haircuts in the bikini zone. And keep in mind that most men approve of any experiments aimed at a variety of sexual relationships. And if you are just embarrassed before the master, you can make intimate haircuts at home.

Types of intimate haircuts

The main types of intimate haircuts are as follows:

  • Full haircut bikini area. This type of treatment includes complete depilation of the bikini area.
  • Rectangular. This includes the Brazilian haircut and all other options, when there remains a section of a rectangular shape of different sizes, for example, Calipso and Runway.
  • Triangular. This view includes all options with a triangular pattern of different sizes in the bikini area. This form is considered the most natural, it resembles a cocktail glass. These include haircuts Margarita and Champagne.
  • Decorative. All intricate designs with coloring and use of decorative elements, for example hieroglyphs and inscriptions, belong to this type.

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Choose a picture

If you decide that the hairstyle in your delicate “triangular zone” is to be, the choice of pattern is one of the key points of the procedure. As a first experience, do not choose too fancy pictures. Although most men like intimate haircuts, not everyone will appreciate the colorful Christmas tree or the peacock tail. If this is your first experience, limit yourself to something simpler. You can start with a thin strip or triangle. Such a picture is easy to do yourself at home, and immediately there is no question of constraint in the master's office.

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The choice of drawings is so varied that each will find something to his liking for oneself: hearts, cat tail, crescent and a droplet will always be relevant, and for the most daring masters they offer bikini designs with coloring, rhinestones, sparkles and feathers. But not every man will appreciate such a riot of colors, and not every woman will prefer this type of pubic haircut.

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We do an intimate haircut with your own hands

To make homemade intimate haircuts, you will need the following "helpers":

  • mirror;
  • soft cosmetic pencil;
  • nail scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • intimate haircut trimmer or machine;
  • stencil with the selected pattern;
  • antiseptic.

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Intimate hairstyle at home under the force of almost every girl. Keep in mind that to create a delicate haircut you need the “material”, so if you are used to completely remove the hair, you will have to wait a couple of weeks until the desired length grows. Armed with everything you need and sitting in front of a mirror, get down to business! Step-by-step scheme of action is as follows:

  1. Pick a picture and apply it on the stencil. Use a piece of heavy paper or cardboard for it.
  2. Transfer the drawing to the chosen place with the help of a cosmetic pencil.
  3. Treat the bikini area with an antiseptic.
  4. Using a trimmer or a razor, remove the extra hairs around the design. You can carry out the procedure with wax, if you prefer it.
  5. Using tweezers, adjust the silhouette of the pattern.
  6. Using scissors, cut the hair in place of the pattern to the desired length.


Done! Of course, not without effort and discomfort, but any girl can make intimate haircuts at home.

Haircut delicate zone in the cabin

Of course, the salon procedure will give a better and tidy result, especially if you do not yet have enough experience in creating hairstyle intimate areas. The master knows all the details of this procedure and will be able to carry it out perfectly, minimizing possible skin irritation. When you come to the salon, a professional will offer you various types of intimate haircuts. Then you select a drawing and sit on the couch. Step by step, the wizard will perform all the steps described in the instructions above, but instead of a razor and a trimmer, a professional can offer you the following options for removing excess hair:

  • Shugaring Sugar is used as a hair removal product. The procedure is not as painful as waxing and does not result in hair ingrowth.
  • Waxing. Epilation of the bikini area is done with wax. Pretty uncomfortable and can cause severe irritation.

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Female intimate hairstyles are a fairly affordable service. The easiest option will cost you 500 rubles, and a complex bikini design costs approximately 1,500 rubles. In addition to the complexity of the pattern and the presence of decorative elements, the price may depend on the region and the level of professionalism of the master. A haircut in a delicate area can please you and your man for about a month. Gradually, as the hair grows, the contours of the pattern will not become so clear, therefore, at least once a month you need to adjust it.

Intimate hairstyle will make you feel attractive and comfortable. And even if you do not have a husband or boyfriend whom you could surprise with her, make her for yourself, because a woman should have everything beautiful!

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