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A tattoo can be a real masterpiece of fine art or a memory of some important event, but sometimes the tattoo bothers its owner or the drawing fades and loses its aesthetics. It also happens that time has passed, and yesterday’s girl, who has crammed a fantasy character around her neck, has become a serious business woman today and the old tattoo doesn’t fit into a new business image. There are many ways to bring a tattoo. And if you are faced with the need to search for one of them, let's find out how to put a tattoo in a specialized center of aesthetic medicine and how to remove it at home.

Professional approach to tattoos

If you decide to remove the tattoo, it is undoubtedly better to do this by resorting to the help of professionals. Immediately, we note that there is no way to completely remove the tattoo, that is, "like before" will definitely not be. But with the right choice of method and professional approach, the result can be close to the ideal. Let's learn about such methods.

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Laser tattoo removal

The most effective and humane way is the laser. Laser tattoo can be reduced almost to the full, but this will require from 3 to 8 procedures. How is the pattern deleted? Penetrating through the skin surface, the laser beam reaches the deep layers of the dermis. From radiation, the pigment is heated and decomposed, and then excreted from the body naturally. Within a month after the procedure, the drawing will lighten. There are about 10 types of lasers and for each specific tattoo it is selected individually. The choice of laser depends on many factors: the color of the paint, the depth of driving, the size and location of the pattern.

The advantages of this method are many:

  • In the process of skin treatment with a laser does not cause injury to the skin.
  • The procedure is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations.
  • The method allows you to remove a tattoo of any size and color.
  • Of all existing methods, laser removal is the most efficient and fast.
  • In place of the picture after the full course of procedures, only a bright spot will remain, no scars remain, since the integrity of the skin is not broken.

But the disadvantages of laser removal is not without. These include:

  • The impact of the laser on the human body is not yet fully understood. Therefore, we cannot talk about total security. Scientists believe that the laser beam can provoke the development of cancer.
  • Fresh tattoos remove the laser will not work.
  • For many, the decisive disadvantage is how much it costs to reduce a tattoo with a laser. The cost of services rather big and not everyone can afford. To treat a skin area of ​​2 to 2 cm, you need to pay about 1000 rubles. Given the average size of the picture and the average number of sessions, in order to bring out the tattoo you will need to pay about 20 thousand rubles.
  • In rare cases, the laser causes color inversion. This means that the pigment may darken and remove the tattoo will not succeed.
  • To conduct laser processing should only an experienced specialist. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a burn and as a result a scar.

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Mechanical tattoo removal

Perhaps the most blasphemous way of how to reduce a tattoo is mechanical. In its essence lies the cutting out of the area of ​​skin on which the drawing is located. There are several types of mechanical tattoo removal:

  • Excision. This type involves cutting out the skin on which the tattoo is applied. As a rule, a piece of not more than 1 to 7 cm is cut, and then the edges are tightened and sewn with cosmetic stitches. If it is required to make excision of the big picture, several procedures are carried out. Naturally, if you remove the tattoo in this way, scars will remain in its place.
  • Grinding. To do this, use a mill or a drill, cutting off the skin layer by layer. This bloody spectacle is not for the faint of heart, and the scars in the place of the former pattern are not the most aesthetic when compared to other methods. The whole procedure takes place under local anesthesia.
  • Skin grafting It can be done in two ways. The first is to transplant "clean" skin with buttocks or back. In 30% of cases, such an operation ends with the rejection of the transplanted area. The second method is more complicated, and the whole process takes more time, but the probability of an unsuccessful outcome of the operation is much lower and amounts to about 4-5%. This technique involves building the skin next to the tattoo. To do this, a cut is made next to the picture and a special rubber pear is inserted under the skin. Gradually, its volume is increased by pumping inside the gel, as a result, the skin covering the pear also grows. As a result, after 2-3 months the pear is removed, and in its place remains a skin pocket. From this piece "cut out" a kind of patch that will be placed on the tattoo site. Both the first and second method of skin grafting are performed under general anesthesia. One such operation can last about 5 hours, and as is well known such a prolonged stay of a person under anesthesia increases the risk of stroke. The cost of transplantation of 1 square centimeter of skin is about 150 dollars. Given this fact, such a measure in all criteria is inferior to laser removal.

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If you remove the tattoo with one of these methods, ugly scars will remain on the body, and in the case of donor skin transplantation, even 2 scars. And in spite of the fact that modern cosmetology allows making the scars less noticeable, for example, with the help of dermobrasion, the effectiveness and justification of these methods is very doubtful.

Tattoo removal at home

If you decide to say goodbye to the underwear pattern, but the methods described above do not suit you due to their high cost or intolerance to anesthetics, you can block the tattoo with a new pattern or try to bring the tattoo down at home. Home methods are mostly chemical, that is, they involve the use of various chemical compounds for etching a picture or pattern. That is, they all also leave behind an unattractive scar. We will tell you in what ways some desperate people try to bring the tattoo down at home.

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Manganese tattoo tattoo

One of the insane and bloody methods to reduce the tattoo involves the use of ordinary potassium permanganate, which is a powerful oxidant. The place where the drawing is located is moistened with potassium permanganate and it simply eats away the skin. In place of the tattoo remains a terrible wound that can fester and ache. To reduce pain and speed healing, some use Solcoseryl or Actovegin. If it refers to disinfecting a wound dismissively, you can get not only a scar in its place, but also blood infection. So before removing a tattoo in this way, think about the possible consequences.

Iodine tattoo removal

At home, you can still try to reduce the tattoo with iodine, putting it on the skin. This method is experienced by many, but it helps units. Iodine provokes the exfoliation of epidermal cells along with the pigment. But in order to reduce the tattoo with iodine it may take a lot of time. Often iodine causes allergic reactions, and the place on which it is applied, will be very sick. Choosing the most effective way to reduce a tattoo, iodine definitely cannot claim a palm, a painful procedure gives a dubious effect.

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Do you know how to reduce the tattoo completely? What do you think is the most effective way to remove a tattoo? Leave your opinion in the comments and share your experience.

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