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Bodyflex with Greer Childers is a great set of exercises for those who want to lose weight. Gymnastics with Greer Childers is available for both women and men. Classes do not require prior training and additional simulators. With the help of a simple set of movements, even the most distant from sports and yoga can bring a figure in order.

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The principle of operation Bodyflex

With age, any woman notices that the body is swollen with fat so that even enhanced training does not help. Musculature is growing under the layer of fat, from which the body becomes not slimmer, but more massive. And everything comes from the fact that in most cases the person is breathing incorrectly and shallowly.

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Because of this, the muscles do not receive the necessary oxygen, and a nutritional deficiency occurs. In addition, after training, there is a "brutal" appetite, which not everyone can cope with. Respiratory gymnastics from Greer Childers reveals to everyone who wants secrets of harmony. After all, the author herself has managed to lose weight thanks to her program from size 54 to size 42. The flexible American in the photo before and after weight loss has changed dramatically. Why not try to follow her example?

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Benefits of BodyFlex

Gymnastics bodyflex has several advantages over other types of physical activity.

  • muscular lengthening;
  • burning fat mass;
  • activation of metabolic processes;


  • an increase in the volume of oxygen supplied to the muscles;
  • lack of additional sports equipment and projectiles;
  • training takes about fifteen minutes a day;
  • due to proper breathing, your mood improves, and you feel a surge of vitality.

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The basis of gymnastics bodyfleks

The basis of the bodyflex lessons from Greer Childers with proper five-stage breathing, consisting of:

  1. one exhale;
  2. followed by a breath;
  3. after that a strong exhalation;
  4. hold your breath (you need to lower your head, pulling in the abdomen, take the desired posture and, without stopping to hold your breath, stay in this pose for 8-10 seconds);
  5. final breath.

principles of proper breathing

In combination with isometric, stretching and isotonic poses, with the bodyflex muscle groups one pulls up relative to the other. This allows you to properly and consistently lose weight without torturing the body with numerous diets. Two weeks of the correct program will allow you to reset 30 cm in volume.

Respiratory gymnastics with Greer Childers and rules of nutrition

When doing bodyflex, the body loses the most calories in the first week. At this time, you may wake up increased appetite, which is normalized by the beginning of the second week of training. For those who want to lose weight, it is necessary to exclude excessive fat and sweet foods. There are no strict recommendations for food intake.

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General recommendations for people who want to lose weight

  • If you have not had to deal with breathing exercises before, then you should learn the rules of deep breathing before starting classes. For this, the program developers have created a special training lesson. You will need about a week to learn the basics of proper breathing.
  • After bodyflex breathing exercises with Greer Childers are mastered, you should proceed to perform the physical complex. The best time to practice is the morning before breakfast. You need to do as many exercises as you can. If for some reason you missed a workout, you can replace it with simple breathing "loads".
  • At the beginning of the second week, increase your physical activity by adding another evening workout before dinner. Be sure to measure body volumes every week.
  • To reduce weight, two workouts are recommended: morning and evening, and to maintain body tone, it is enough to do it only once a day.

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The book “Gorgeous figure in 15 minutes”, authored by Greer Childers, will help you learn more about the uniqueness of this bodyflex technique.

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Points of body measurements before the start of classes

Before using the bodyflex gymnastics program, it is recommended to make measurements of your body, then enter the data in a special table at the end of each subsequent week. So you can visualize the results of their efforts. Measure:

  • part of the abdomen on top (about 5 cm above the waist);
  • waist;
  • part of the abdomen below (about 2-3 cm below the navel zone);
  • the widest place of the hips;
  • the bulkiest part under the knee;
  • legs over the knee.

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Lion Exercise with Greer Childers

This lesson is one of the main in gymnastics:

a lion

  1. Feet set to a width of 35 cm, and palm rest a little above the knees. Look straight ahead.
  2. After doing the breathing exercise, take the lion’s posture. Eyes wide open and lift up. Lip in the circle and lower down (cheeks at this time noticeably stiffen). Without relaxing your lips, stick your tongue through them as much as possible. The neck is strained, and all the muscles of the face are pulled, from the eyes to the chin. Stand in this position for 8 seconds.
  3. Exercise repeat 5 times.

posture of a lion

Bodyflex "Ugly Grimace"

Simple action with rejuvenating effect:

  1. Take a position similar to the previous one.
  2. Perform bodyflex breathing exercises and take an ugly grimace pose.
  3. Standing straight, push the lower jaw forward as much as possible. Like with a kiss, stick out your lips. Pull the neck until you feel the tension of the muscles of the neck.
  4. Raise your head up to chin stretched to the ceiling. Stand straight, for balance you can throw your arms back. Heels from the floor can not be torn off. Keep the body in this position for 8 seconds.
  5. You need to repeat the exercise 5 times, always starting the next approach with the correct ones. "breaths and breaths".

Greer Childers' ugly grimace

Exercise "side stretching"

Indispensable for flabby muscles of the waist and hips.

  1. The starting position is similar to the previous one.
  2. Properly breathe, as in the previous versions and take the main posture.
  3. On the bent left knee, lower the elbow of the same left hand. Pull the right leg to the side. Pull the sock off without lifting your feet from the floor. We transfer the weight completely to the left knee. Lift your right hand over your head until you feel how the muscles of your arms tighten from your armpit to your waist. Keep your arm straight, parallel to your head. Hold the body in that position for 8 seconds.
  4. Return to the starting position, and, correctly breathe, repeat all the manipulations three times in each direction.

lateral stretching

Bodyflex by Greer Childers "Pulling the legs back"

Great for correcting the condition of the buttocks.

  1. Get on your knees on the floor, leaning on your elbows, lower your palms down.
  2. Pull the leg back without bending it at the knee. The sock is on the floor and the toes are facing down. Raise your head, looking just ahead.
  3. Perform breathing exercises, and take the desired position.
  4. Pull up an elongated leg, pulling the sock off towards you. Strain the buttocks. Hold the position for 8 seconds while simultaneously holding your breath and squeezing the muscle.
  5. Breathe in, lowering your leg.
  6. Repeat the exercise for each leg three times, not forgetting about "breaths and exhalations" before each approach.

foot pull

Lesson "Seiko"

"Seiko" perfectly tightens the loose skin of the thighs.

  1. Leaning your palms on the floor, kneel. Set aside the right leg, without bending it in the knee. The foot should be at a right angle, relative to the floor, and the foot should lie on the floor.
  2. Perform breathing exercises and take the main position.
  3. Lift your right leg up to body level. Make sure she does not bend at the knee. Pull it as close to your head as possible. Try to keep your foot as high as possible. Hold the position for 8 seconds.
  4. Repeat the manipulation for each leg three times, always alternating approaches with proper breathing.


Bodyflex "Diamond" by Greer Childers

Exercise is ideal for improving the condition of loose skin.


  1. Take a position: standing upright, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Close your hands in a circle in front of you. Keep your elbows as high as possible. Pull your fingers and close, and give your back a roundness.
  2. Perform breathing exercises, taking the basic posture.
  3. Place your fingers against each other as much as you can. Tighten all muscles from chest to wrists. Hold for 8 seconds, then return to the starting position.


Perform 5 approaches, alternating each of them with the correct breathing.

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Studying reviews of fans of bodyflex with the famous G. Childers, we note that the lessons are easy to perform and have an amazing healing effect on the whole body.

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We wrote about another famous bodyflex trainer, Marina Korpan, the article also contains video instruction.

The bodyflex lessons in the form of books and videos have long become bestsellers around the world, and every day the number of fans of the unique method of weight loss is only growing. A magnificent figure in 15 minutes is very real and accessible to everyone.

Video: Bodyflex system to effectively combat excess weight from Greer Childers

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