Green tea for weight loss - a diet with a fragrant drink

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On the eve of spring, the theme of extra pounds becomes the most pressing topic for absolutely all the representatives of the weaker sex. Disputes around the question of whether green tea helps to lose weight, occur quite often. Reviews of women who regularly drink this drink are really different. Someone argues that green tea contributes to weight loss, and someone his introduction to the diet did not work. Let's try to figure out how effective green tea is in the matter of losing weight and in the intricacies of its use.

Benefit of the drink for the body

Argue about whether this drink helps in losing weight indefinitely. But nobody benefits from the benefits of green tea:

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants that slow down the aging process of the body.
  • Drink normalizes pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  • When it is used, toxins are eliminated from the body.
  • It tones and gives strength.
  • It contains vitamins C, K, PP, as well as fluorine, manganese and zinc.
  • Tea calms nerves and improves mood.

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It would seem that a handful of tea leaves, filled with plain water, and so many benefits to the body.

How does tea affect body shaping?

It is proved that the use of green tea has a positive trend in the process of losing weight. Namely:

  • Catechins in its composition contribute to the burning of fat.
  • The body gets rid of toxins, salts of heavy metals.
  • Green tea speeds up the metabolism.
  • Drink reduces appetite, so it is very effective to drink a cup of green tea before eating.
  • By itself, the drink has virtually no calories, unless of course it is without sugar or cream.

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This product is present in almost all existing diets, the use of green tea for weight loss is rarely disputed by nutritionists. But the diet on green tea does not at all imply that it should be the main product of the diet. Moreover, drinking this drink too often is harmful, because if it is abused, it has a stimulating effect on the body and can cause irritability, sleep disturbances and the functioning of the nervous system.

How to lose weight by eating green tea

If the benefits of green tea for weight loss are obvious, why then does it not affect everyone equally? Perhaps you need to know what kind of green tea for weight loss to choose, how to properly brew and use it.

What sort of tea to choose

Store shelves just bursting with various varieties of this drink. Not to mention the specialized tea shops, where you can offer even the little-known expensive varieties. Pay attention to the instructions on the pack, namely the country of the manufacturer. You can find Indian, Ceylon tea, but according to nutritionists, the best green tea for weight loss is Chinese. It is China that is the birthplace of green tea, there exists a whole cult of this drink. The price for a pack of good Chinese tea will be significantly higher than the product from India.

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There are many varieties of Chinese tea. The quality of the variety of this product depends on the growing conditions, collection, type of tea plant and its age, aroma, color and taste. The most popular with consumers are Sencha, Lun Jing and Gunpowder.

How to brew tea leaves with your own hands

To get all the useful properties of tea, you need to brew it properly. This procedure is different from the usual brewing of tea at home. Perhaps you will first find it troublesome, but the only way you can feel the full taste of the drink and get all the benefits out of it. Step by step do the following scheme:

  1. To begin with, rinse all tea utensils with boiling water to warm its walls.
  2. Prepare clean water, preferably light, from a spring, tea and dishes.
  3. The number of leaves you can choose to suit your taste yourself, but on average, 200 ml of water need to take 1 teaspoon of dry product.
  4. Brewing need to water, cooled to 85 degrees C.
  5. The first strait is very fast, up to 10 seconds. The leaves are flooded with water, and after a few seconds, the tea leaves are drained into a separate container. During this time, the leaves have time to give the aroma and taste, and not bitterness and acid, as it happens during long-term brewing.
  6. The next brewing step will be a few seconds longer. Good tea can be re-poured up to 8 times, while it will maintain its taste.

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Only with proper preparation, green tea will delight you with its unique properties, including enhancing the metabolism, and helping the cells in burning fat.

How to drink this drink to lose weight

Drinking green tea with milk is not traditional for Chinese ceremonies. But for losing weight, non-fat milk added to the drink will increase the diuretic effect of tea, and therefore, more fluid will flow out of the body. The optimal amount of tea consumed per day is 3-6 cups. With such an amount of drink consumed, the amount of fat burned by the body can increase up to 40%. Drink it better half an hour before meals.

Replace morning coffee with a cup of green tea, and in summer it will refresh and quench your cold tea without additives.

Supplements with green tea extract

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In addition to tea in its natural form, pharmacies sell dietary supplements, which are based on green tea extract for weight loss. It can be capsules or tablets that look like pressed dry tea. Feedback on this product is ambiguous. Some claim that losing weight with dietary supplements is very easy. Perhaps the placebo effect is appropriate here. But also those women who have lost weight, in their opinion due to dietary supplements and those who consider these pills to be "dummies", unanimously argue about the tonic and invigorating effect.

If your choice is a diet on green tea, it is still better to give preference to a natural product, brew it correctly to yourself and extract all the benefits of tea leaves.

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