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Do not limit yourself in anything and at the same time rapidly lose centimeters at the waist — everyone who is overweight dreams about it. Recently, more and more non-standard ways have begun to appear to part with those extra pounds, among which are green coffee for weight loss. What is this product, how to use it properly, is it really effective or is it another trick of fraudsters, about this in the article.

The secret of green coffee in the fight against excess weight

American scientists in 2012 found that green coffee has the ability to burn fat. The fact is that it contains chlorogenic acid. In the process of roasting coffee beans, this acid is lost, but green grains have a lot of it. This discovery gained popularity among American citizens who wanted to get rid of excess volumes, and soon the wave of popularity of the green drink overwhelmed our compatriots. Moreover, this product is in demand not only for women, men also willingly use this fat burner.

How to buy a quality product and not become a victim of fraudsters

TV clips and online advertising has made this product so popular that there is hardly anyone who has not heard of a new breakthrough in losing weight. And this is the most fertile ground for fraud. Pharmaceutical supplements and soluble Chinese-made powders are sold under the guise of green coffee. Simply write the name "Green Coffee" on a bag with any substitute and an inexperienced consumer will become a victim of deception. A quality product is ground or non-roasted coffee, which is sold in coffee shops. And green coffee in pharmacies is a new way to sell old goods.

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What does green coffee taste like?

If you buy grain coffee and grind it at home on your own, you will most likely smell like the smell of raw peas. Consumers often describe the taste of this drink as specific, similar to herbal decoction with pea smell. Not many people like this taste, and he does not even remotely resemble a familiar drink. You can use supplements to make the taste more pleasant, for example, to make green coffee with ginger. It is important that the grinding of the grains be sufficiently fine, otherwise grains in the drink may occur. If you decide to use green coffee for weight loss, do not think that you will only get pleasure from the process, although you may like the specific taste of the drink.

How to make a drink at home with their own hands

If you bought grain at the store, you can easily make the drink yourself. Sellers of this product, who know the properties of their goods, will not offer you the grinding of grains. So that the properties of the grains are not lost, you need to grind them immediately before preparing the drink. Use this step by step scheme for making a slimming drink:

  1. Pour 25 grams of beans into a coffee grinder or blender. If you cook in Turk, try to make the grinding more fine.
  2. Pour 2 teaspoons of ground beans into the Turk and pour a glass of water. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.
  3. Pour the coffee into the cup. You can add a slice of lemon to improve the flavor.

How to drink a slimming drink

girl with a cup of slimming drink

The instruction is very simple. The most important rule: a cup of drink should precede food intake. In the morning you will use it or in the evening - it does not matter. You can not drink down the food with this drink, it can adversely affect the digestive system. Since unroasted grains, like traditional black coffee, contain caffeine, more than 6 cups a day can not drink it. But in order for your figure to change from drinking a drink, you should drink it at least 3 times a day. If you have a diet with green coffee, adding sugar, milk or cream in it is meaningless. You can diversify its taste with cloves, cinnamon or boil green coffee with ginger.

Contraindications to the use of "green miracle"

It is not recommended to use the product:

  • pregnant women;
  • lactating;
  • children;
  • people suffering from insomnia;
  • hypertensive patients;
  • people with nervous system problems.

The product has a diuretic effect, so its excessive use can lead to dehydration. Not recommended for use by people with individual intolerance to coffee beans.

How to diversify the taste of the drink

scattered grains

A diet based on this product provides for its frequent use. So, you will need a variety of cooking options for this drink. Using different supplements, you can change its taste, which means that this diet will not get you any longer:

  • Cinnamon will change the taste a lot. Moreover, it will accelerate the body's metabolic processes, so that such a drink has double power.
  • Citrus zest is allowed in this diet. It will give a delicate flavor, and also normalizes metabolism.
  • Ginger is known to all slimming. Besides the fact that ginger will give the drink a unique taste and aroma, it also enhances the effect of losing weight.
  • Carnation This spice has a delicate aroma that will smooth the herbal smell of coffee.

How much is this wonderful product

Green coffee can be bought at specialized coffee shops, and can be ordered online, there are a lot of offers online. But there is more risk to get a fake. Buying in the store, you can see the quality of the grains. If you buy online, do not take ground coffee, only grains.

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The price on the Internet for a product has a large run-up, from 150 rubles to 1000 rubles per 100 g. The cost of this product in stores is slightly lower, ranging from 70 rubles. Price depends on the grade and grinding. You can find on sale such coffee in bags and even granulated, but the highest quality product is grains.

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