Glow in the dark tattoos - a new achievement in the tattoo

glow-in-the-dark tattoos

Glowing tattoos - a new modern trend that appeared relatively recently. They have become an integral part of the image of fans of discos, beach parties and club parties. Glow in the dark tattoos are also called neon or ultraviolet.

What is a glowing tattoo?

These tattoos are made in the form of a body pattern, which is almost not noticeable in ordinary light. Glowing in the dark tattoos appear when exposed to ultraviolet rays, creating a bright juicy picture and making the surrounding enchanting impression. There are no restrictions on design and style. For drawing tattoos, almost any place on the body or face will do. Therefore, a well-chosen area for drawing can be the reason for an explosive reaction and riveted views not only of the male half, but also of other women.

This type of tattoo is well suited for business women who, by the nature of their activities, cannot decorate open areas of the body, and thanks to the invisibility of the day, you can use the most bold sketches.

invisible afternoon glow

The fashion for glowing tattoos is gradually gaining momentum. Adding neon inserts to regular tattoos is now gaining popularity. Luminous caps can be divided into two categories:

  • They appear in the dark, and in daylight they look like ordinary drawings;
  • Absolutely invisible during the day, and become visible when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

To get the desired result, for each category there is its own glowing tattoo paint.

glows only in the dark

Is it safe?

Glowing in the dark tattoos is a completely new round in tattoo art, therefore, opinions about the safety of this jewelry diverge.

  • Currently, all manufactured dyes undergo a process of mandatory certification. But this concerns professional tattoo salons, which value their reputation and buy only high-quality products.
  • Now there are many underground shops where inexperienced personnel work, and the quality of paint is in serious doubt. Unscrupulous tattoo artists can use cheap paints that contain hazardous chemicals, such as phosphorus or zinc, which are poisonous to the human body. There were cases when even substances used in paints were used to paint sea vessels.
  • If you decide to apply a glowing tattoo yourself, you need to carefully approach the choice of paint and purchase only the products of proven companies. The best option would be to consult with an experienced tattoo master.

glowing sketch with avatar

Where and how to make a glowing tattoo?

Glowing tattoos are applied with the light of not only the ordinary lamp, but also ultraviolet. Performing such drawings requires restraint and professionalism, since the glowing tattoo paint is significantly different from the usual. It has a more liquid texture, so working with it is much more difficult. It is better to go to a good tattoo salon to a qualified master.

If you want to decide on a bold experiment or plan to do a real tattoo and want to see how it will look, then you can try to apply a glowing tattoo yourself at home. There are no specific schemes or instructions here. Consider the process step by step.

too vivid images


  •  First you need to decide which picture you want, determine its size and select the area on the body;
  • Girls often put a tattoo on their legs, neck, arms, shoulder blades. Rarely prefer chest and back;
  • Ladies can choose as a drawing in a romantic style (flowers, stars, hearts, initials of the second half), and something more daring (panther, cat). A labyrinth tattoo will look good too - unusually and futuristic, but "The taste and color"
  • Before applying, you can cut a picture out of paper, put it on the body and twist in front of a mirror. We must not forget that even dim lighting will make the picture juicier and more noticeable;
  • Ask your loved ones to rate a preliminary sketch. Opinion from the side will help you to finally decide;
  • It is imperative to check the skin for allergic reactions before the application process. Making a tattoo without testing is strictly prohibited.

type of tattoo by day and with ultraviolet

Application process

To make yourself a luminous tattoo, you need to prepare the tools: a roller with a diameter of 0.5 mm to create the thinnest lines or a marker that can adjust the length of the lines from 1 to 5 mm. You can also use a large designer marker, but drawing details more precisely will not work.

You will need to see how the drawing is applied. To do this, fit a pen with an ultraviolet flashlight (if the tattoo diameter is no more than 10-15 cm), or an ultraviolet lamp. When working you need to be especially careful, because the luminescent paint is quite liquid. It is produced on an alcohol basis. It is better to use a pre-made sketch or stencil. This will greatly facilitate the process, especially if you do not have even the slightest artistic skills.

drawings in different lighting

The duration of the process will depend on the size of the pattern and the presence of fine details. The resulting tattoo will last about two weeks. At the same time, it can be quickly washed off with an alcoholic solution. You can safely experiment, apply new drawings and amaze friends and surrounding people almost daily.

Glowing tattoos - a new modern alternative to the usual tattoo and a good way to stand out from the crowd. It is perfect for young people who lead an active lifestyle, and help draw attention to themselves. On the body of a girl the work of such modern art will look especially original. Someone wants with the help of a tattoo to bring in his image of audacity and emancipation, and someone, on the contrary, wants to add a little romance.

glow paint

Before you decide on such an experiment at home, you should gradually study the process of drawing a picture, purchase the necessary tools, and carefully select the paint. Consultation with an experienced tattoo master will not hurt.

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