Geometry tattoo - style and thoughtfulness of strict lines

geometric flower on foot

Tattoo geometry is a new progressive trend in the tattoo industry, which is constantly evolving. It is based on the combination of geometric components with different patterns or ornaments. The images are simple, but at the same time they are very original, presentable and aesthetic. Playing with shapes and lines, modern tattoo artists create unusual abstract sketches of tattoos. Geometry that can decorate any part of the body.

tattoo geometry on male and female hands

Features geometric tattoos

Geometry tattoos just seem simple in execution. In fact, this impression is deceptive. Performing a tattooing scheme step by step requires a great level of professionalism and endurance from the tattoo master. To get a tattoo in the style of geometry, not like a regular tattoo, you need to pay particular attention to the choice of sketch.

tattoo geometry on woman's back

  • There are images in which the lines are specially drawn carelessly, resulting in a translucent, not too overloaded image. It makes a tattoo without a clear selection on the skin.
  • Before you finally decide on the style and sketch, it is better to heed the advice of the tattoo master. To do this, he will need to learn more about you. This will help you choose the right image that will express the vital interests and position of the owner of the tattoo geometry.
  • You should also think about the colors of the future creation. With colored tattoos you cannot stay in the sun for a long time and sunbathe. Monochrome drawings are more resistant to sunlight.
  • It is important and correct to choose the area on the body where the geometry of the tattoo will look advantageous and impale it will be less painful. This will also help experienced tattoo master.
  • The main advantages of tattoo geometry are that it can be modified at any convenient time, diluted with almost any color or converted into another image.

line figures

After studying the main features, you can choose a geometric tattoo, the value of which most characterizes you.

The value of geometric tattoo

This style refers to the irrational part of the essence of man, affecting the subconscious and the emotional background. Geometry style rounded tattoo lines are associated with peacefulness and deny aggression, while the subconscious mind seeks harmony and relaxation. If there are broken lines and sharp corners in the image, then their perception by the subconscious mind as a movement, the ability to achieve something or succeed.

abstraction on the hands

Now you can see the basic geometric shapes. There are four of them. Each of them defines the main personality traits, as in the well-known psychological test, where you need to choose one of the figures. By the same principle is made and the choice of a sketch for the future image.

clear pictures

  • The decision in favor of circles and ovals speaks of sociability and goodwill of the person. He is good to contact and is always ready to help others.
  • Triangle - the personification of a pragmatist, aimed at winning. Qualities corresponding to such a person - wit and vigor, self-confidence.
  • Rectangle - the exact opposite of the previous figure. A person who chooses this geometric element has low self-esteem and uncertainty in life.
  • The square symbolizes firmness in thoughts and decisions, shows the ability to analyze.

flowers on the female body

This description is only basic figures. There are many more elements and symbols in tattoo geometry that have a certain value, for example, zigzags, infinity, ellipsis, a five-pointed star on a hand, and others.

image of an elephant on the thigh

Animals and flowers in geometric tattoos

Animals that are depicted on ordinary tattoos, have a place on the headdresses of this type. And they have the same symbolism. Only here sketches contain geometric components. The image may include many lines or various shapes.

fox image

  • Wolf - is characterized by vigilance and prudence, and also shows the quality of the protector and assistant.
  • Fox - a drawing made schematically on the basis of geometric elements, looks interesting and original. The cap in the form of this beast in girls symbolizes cunning, seduction and deceit. Guys choose geometric fox tattoos in black or white design and in non-standard poses. For example, a fox in a jump or with a grin.
  • Deer is a symbol of longevity and happiness in Chinese culture, in European countries - the personification of chastity and solitude.
  • Owl - identified with wisdom, but also a sign of loneliness and nostalgia.

cat and dog and wolf

This is only a small part of a huge list of animals and birds, whose images are used for tattooing geometry. The choice of a sketch for a tattoo can be made based on the qualities of the animal, which, in your opinion, are peculiar to you.

Flowers - the most suitable option for girls. Such a tattoo, created on the basis of geometry, will look extraordinary and peculiar, add to the image of femininity. Each representative of the fair sex will be able to pick a flower that matches its internal qualities and put a certain meaning into the tattoo. You can also apply the whole flower composition.

unicorn and fish

It is better to entrust a geometric tattoo to a professional, and not to do it yourself at home. The master, who clearly knows the instructions, will be able to gradually create a pattern of clear lines and geometric shapes that will look exactly and correctly. If this is done independently, by a person who does not have experience in tattoo art, the result may leave much to be desired.

geometric flora and fauna

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