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flash tatoo

The appearance of flash tattoos is due to Dior Fashion House. Having breathed in temporary tattoos, an innovative and fashionable meaning, its designers presented a new way for beauties to become even more attractive. Today, a flash tattoo is not difficult to acquire, and each woman of fashion can decorate her wrist with a stylish imitation of gold jewelry this summer. We will tell you all about this absolute trend of 2015 and show you the best inspirational photos.

What are flash tattoos?

As you most likely already guessed, flash tattoos are stickers that most often imitate jewelry. But the golden flash tattoo in the form of chains and pendants is not the whole variety of these stickers. You can decorate your body with beautiful inscriptions, ethno-patterns, fancy drawings.

metallic flash tattoos

Flash tattoo is completely safe for its owner, at least so the manufacturer assures and for a couple of years of the existence of stickers there was no reason to doubt it.

flash tattoos

How to apply a flash tattoo?

Perhaps one glance at the sticker will be enough for you to figure out how to apply a flash tattoo. We all remember from childhood inserts-translations that needed to be wetted with water in order to have a bright picture on the forearm.

flash tattoos on the body

The principle of applying flash tattoos is exactly the same. Step by step scheme is as follows:

  1. Clean the area of ​​skin on which you want to apply a flash tattoo. It can be absolutely any part of the body. Although experts recommend wearing flash tatoo in areas that are least in contact with clothing, you can place a sticker anywhere, the safety of tattoos allows you to decorate them even with your face.
  2. Defat the skin in this place by rubbing salicylic alcohol. You should not use cosmetic products, for example, lotion for the skin of the face, as it may contain components that can spoil the flash tattoo.
  3. Remove the top transparent film from the sticker.
  4. Place the sticker on the skin.
  5. Moisten the surface of the sticker with water, using a sponge or cotton pad, pressing it to the skin.
  6. Wait about 30 seconds and carefully remove the paper from the skin.
  7. It remains to give the picture to dry.

That's all the instructions on how to make a flash tattoo. Pretty easy to apply, effectively on the body.

flash tatoo

How long does a flash tattoo last on the skin?

One of the most interesting questions for girls: "How long does a flash tattoo hold?" The manufacturer promises 10 days of glitter patterns on your body, but practice shows that in its original form a flash tattoo can last about 5 days. But the safety of this decoration allows you to put it again and again, as you wish!

golden tattoos of girls

How to remove flash tattoo?

One of the advantages of a flash tattoo is that you can get rid of it as soon as you get tired of it. You can do this with a cotton pad dipped in regular body oil. Absolutely any oil will do.

girl with a gold pattern on the skin

Although this is a small drawback of flash-tatoo, these spectacular decorations are afraid of cosmetics, which contain any kind of oil. Therefore, if you want to extend the life of this beauty, avoid any cosmetic products for the body during the period of socks. Also, experts recommend not to wash the picture with soap, and generally try not to touch it once again.

metal pictures on the body

Stylish image with flash tattoo

Surely, seeing these stickers, you will immediately understand what image they will fit. It's amazing how such a detail can make any look incredibly stylish.

flash tattoo and urban style

Golden flash tattoos can be called a universal addition to almost any image:

  • Metallic flash tattoos with subtle patterns and imitation of accessories will be well combined with an evening dress.
  • Stylishly and unusually, these stickers look even with ripped jeans or shorts. They will become a fashionable accent of the urban look.
  • But especially elegant metallic flash tattoo look on the dark tanned skin. And so for the beach season this is an absolute must have. If you have to go to the sea, do not forget to get yourself a set of these stickers.

golden flash tattoo on dark skin

If you sunbathe in the sun with such a sticker on your skin, after a few days, when the pattern is erased, a pattern will remain in its place, since the skin under the tattoo will not light up. Some will enjoy this fun bonus, but if you want a tan, take that into account.

flash tattoos for girls

Where to buy a flash tattoo?

As we mentioned above, the creators of flash-tatoo is Dior Fashion House. But the gold flash tattoos of this brand were released in limited quantities and were made of 24-carat gold. The price of such a kit was $ 120, then many stars could decorate their bodies with this beauty.

Christmas tree and Brezhnev with flash tatoo

But as you know, Ali Express is ahead of the rest, and therefore every girl can buy a flash tattoo at a fairly reasonable price. If you order stickers directly from China, they will cost you about $ 3, but you can order them in various online stores from intermediaries. You will get the same stickers made by China, but a little more expensive, the average cost of a set is about 250 rubles.

stylish flash-tatoo

Flash tatoo is a great way to stand out from the crowd and show others a sense of style. If you like to be the center of attention, rather pamper your body with this fashion trend, especially in Russia it is not yet known to the masses.

metallic tattoo on hands

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