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Appearing on sale film sauna for weight loss is not at all an innovation in the world of slender bodies. The principle of its operation is similar to that which has become a traditional wrapping with cling film. Having some differences from thin film for products in rolls and thanks to the loud promises of the manufacturer, the film Sauna for weight loss Shape Up Belt caused genuine interest among women. The advantages and disadvantages, and that is still better, film with the effect of the sauna or an old proven, read on.

How does the sauna film work?

Wrapping is one of the effective ways to lose weight, and carrying out the procedure under the force of every woman. It's simple:

  1. The composition for wrapping is applied to the problem areas of the body, it can be a special gel or organic products, for example, mustard, chocolate, honey.
  2. Then the body is covered with food film in several layers.
  3. The thermal effect created under it accelerates metabolic processes in tissues. Sweating increases, pores open up, blood flow in problem areas improves, as a result - burning of fats in the subcutaneous layer, removal of slags and toxins from the body.

Film Sauna Slimming Shape Up Belt, as promised by the manufacturer, is designed to make this procedure easier and more convenient. How to use the film sauna for weight loss? Just like the food!

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What is the film Shape Up Belt?

Film Sauna Slimming Shape Up Belt, you can also hear the name Belt Up and Shape Up is a dense reusable film of elastic material. The manufacturer offers one large Shape Up for the waist or 2 narrow long ribbons for the hips. It can be used in combination with anti-cellulite gels, or simply wrap around problem areas. Find it for sale you have no difficulty, but is it worth buying money?

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Promise is reality

Contrary to the loud promises of the manufacturer, reviews of those women who have already acquired a Belt Up for themselves are mostly negative. There are also positive recommendations, but often they are written on the websites of online stores. On the official website of the seller, the effectiveness of the film-sauna is painted in colors, what actually awaits you with the purchase:

  • The manufacturer focuses on a unique flex-material that perfectly follows the contours of your body. Reviews say that this flex-material has a strong chemical smell, which increases when it is heated from the body. The manufacturer recommends that Belt Up be lowered into warm water to increase elasticity, but even when heated, its elasticity makes you want something better.
  • The seller assures that Shape Up, unlike food film, does not slip, but is fixed securely on the body. But customers say that it is impossible to even fix a miracle film, since it does not hold onto the skin without additional gels or compositions for wrapping.
  • The manufacturer says about the universality of the product: Belt Up is suitable for everyone. However, many girls simply do not have enough of the size of the wonderful film to wrap the problem areas.
  • According to the manufacturer, Belt Up has no contraindications. However, wraps, which underlie the use of this product, in itself has a number of contraindications, including metabolic disorders, varicose veins, hypertension.
  • Hypoallergenic material is a weighty argument that the seller uses in advertising his product. But the specific smell of the material makes one doubt it.

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So will the effect of Shape Up Belt?

If you still manage to catch and use Shape Up, you will certainly notice the effect of traditional wrapping, since the principle of operation is exactly the same. To enhance the result, it is recommended to combine body wraps with exercise. To enhance the blood flow and warm the tissues, select the appropriate composition for wrapping, it can be honey-mustard wrapping. You should not hope that the extra centimeters will melt before your eyes just when wearing this wonderful film.

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However, this product is not without advantages: since it is a reusable film, you just have to wash it under running water and dry it, and then use it again and again. Will it save the family budget? To answer this question, let's consider the prices of goods.

Where to buy and how much does Shape Up Belt cost?

Get this wonderful film for you is not difficult: you can buy a sauna film for weight loss on dozens of different sites in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and China. On the official Russian website of the seller, the price is about 1,500 rubles, promotions and discounts periodically operate, then you can buy it even at half the price. But you can buy this product in Chinese online stores and use the services of joint purchases, then the cost of this product will be much lower. After wandering through the expanses of the Internet, you can order it for 150-300 rubles. Given that the cost of a roll of food plenochki about 50 rubles, a significant budget savings will not be.

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