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The division into male and female tattoos is not in vain. Tattoo for girls has its own characteristics when choosing a place and a sketch. If you decide on a tattoo, you should find out about these subtleties, as well as what exactly awaits you in the tattoo parlor. Want to find out which tattoos for girls are popular today, see the best photos and interesting video of the process, get some practical advice from professionals? We will tell you everything you need to know about women's tattoos!

Features of female tattoos

Female tattoos, as well as everything that concerns the fair sex, are influenced by fashion. But do not forget that fashion is changeable, and the tattoo is a long-term decoration. Choosing a tattoo for girls must take into account a number of subtleties.

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Features of the location of female tattoo

When choosing a place for a tattoo, it is worth starting from the features of your own figure. A good place for tattoos is back, forearm, wrist, that is, those parts of the body where the skin is least stretched in the case of weight loss or weight gain.

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When choosing a place, the possibility to hide the design with clothes is also taken into account. If you want to hide the image from prying eyes, the optimal solution is a female tattoo on the back, on the bald top, or under the breast.

Features of the selection of female tattoo sketch

If you already have a tattoo or you are inherent in youthful maximalism and you assume that you don’t stop at one, choosing a sketch take into account that all the drawings should complement each other.

Choosing sketches of female tattoos, girls, of course, are repelled by personal preferences, but fashion trends are not the least important:

  • Most often it is tattoo inscriptions made with black pigment.
  • Romantic natures choose floral patterns and butterflies.
  • Girls seeking to emphasize their independence, prefer the image of birds, wings and feathers.
  • Recently, images of wild animals such as foxes, deer, wolves, as well as ethnic patterns and ornaments have become topical.

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A tattoo has always been considered a means of underlining one’s own individuality. However, today it is difficult to find a person without a picture on the body. In order not to repeat, having stuffed a typical image on the shoulder, one can consider sketches of home tattoos with a minimalist plot.

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Fashion tattoos for girls in 2015

If you are looking for sketches of female tattoos, we will tell you what kind of tattoos for girls are now popular:

  • At the peak of popularity are tattoos on the inside of the shoulder and large tattoos "sleeves". The plot of the picture can be different from black ornaments to realistic color pictures of nature. In the plot does not lose relevance abstraction.
  • New tattoos have become white tattoos. They are filled with white paint and look mysterious and mysterious. For such a tattoo, contour drawings, ornaments, geometric designs, imitation of lace, curls and monograms are selected.
  • Popularity gain tattoos under the breast. They can be made with both black and colored pigments. As a rule, such drawings have a triangular contour, the upper vertex of such a triangle is in the solar plexus. The plot may be the most diverse, but as a rule it is drawings with intimate meaning and all sorts of ornaments.
  • Slightly less, but still popular are women's tattoos in intimate places. Often, women's intimate tattoos crammed on the chest, buttocks, lower abdomen.
  • The touching little female tattoos on non-standard places are common: symbols, stars, musical notes on the fingers, behind the ear and on the auricle, on the foot near the fingers.
  • Couples often choose the same designs or paired tattoos with a single storyline.

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If you have decided on what will appear on your body and exactly where the tattoo will be located, it is worth knowing how the procedure of drawing the picture on the body goes.

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How is a female tattoo done?

Beautiful female tattoo "born" in tattoo parlors and extremely rarely, really high-quality drawing appears at home. Therefore, if you decide to take this step, do not risk the result or your own safety and go to the salon. What awaits you there?

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So, step by step, the process of creating a tattoo looks like this:

  1. Choosing a sketch and finding out the value of tattoos, it will not be superfluous to consult once again with the master about the relevance of such a pattern on the chosen area of ​​the body in order to avoid misinterpretation by others or ambiguity of the image.
  2. When all details are specified, the wizard will process "workplace" antiseptic and transfer the sketch to the skin on the principle of transfer stickers.
  3. Then the process of filling the contour begins. Here you have to collect all the will in a fist, the first couple of minutes will be the most difficult. Then the body gets used to the pain and it does not feel so much. The master will constantly blot the skin with napkins, removing excess paint and protruding blood.
  4. If you have chosen monochrome tattoo lettering, the whole process will be reduced to this stage. If the drawing is large and complex, it is possible that there will be several sessions and the master will suspend work on the contour. It will be possible to continue drawing the image in about 2 weeks.
  5. After punching the contour, the master will start working with color. If the whole process is delayed for several hours, breaks can be taken, so to speak, to take a breath, drink water or have a snack. But experienced say that without interruption the pain is not so noticeable. If you need to take a break, the master covers the tattoo with a thick layer of special ointment and covers it with cellophane on top.
  6. When the process is completed, a fresh tattoo is carefully treated with an antiseptic and covered with a special plaster.
  7. The wizard will give you care recommendations for quick healing and you can go back home.

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Recommendations for a successful outcome

When deciding on a tattoo, so as not to be disappointed in the result, take into account some tips:

  • Do not immediately fill a large tattoo. Start small, it can be a miniature female tattoo on the arm or wrist in the form of an inscription. Choosing a tattoo on the arm with the translation must be reviewed. Their meaning should not be spontaneously inspired, but actual for you in a few years.
  • A tattoo is always painful. But the features of the female body allow you to choose a good time when the sensitivity is the lowest. This is the period after the critical days and in no case during them.
  • Remember that a fresh tattoo needs to be protected from sunlight. Do not assign the procedure on the eve of vacation and recreation by the sea. The optimal time to create a tattoo is autumn or spring.
  • Do not get fooled by the low price of a tattoo. Choose a proven salon and master, look at his work.
  • When choosing an image, think big. You should not choose the name of a guy or even a husband as a sketch. Life is unpredictable, and mixing tattoos is a complicated and expensive process.
  • Do not do tattoos on the face. Even if you like the result immediately, after a few years the pigment may lose its saturation.

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Now you know everything you need about women's tattoos. If in doubt, we recommend reading about temporary tattoos.

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