Fantasy tattoo - unreal images in real life

Tattoo little mermaid on the back of the girl

Genre Fantasy has many fans, whose number is only increasing. Basically, these are creative and romantic natures who love to dream and dream. Some people try to escape from everyday reality and plunge headlong into the fairy-tale world of magic, magic, adventure and the constant confrontation between good and evil. True fans of this direction perpetuate on their bodies images of their favorite heroes or memorable scenes through fantasy tattoo.

A variety of tattoos in the style of fantasy

Fantasy tattoo sketches contain a huge number of plots, and every day new unique ideas appear. This variety can be seen by looking at the photo in this article, or looking through the catalog in any tattoo studio.

Folk compositions in the back

Fantastic worlds are fictional and not at all like real life, therefore the scope for activities in this direction is limitless. You just need to have imagination. Then you will be able to independently invent a unique pattern that will emphasize your individuality. Usually tatuha in this area tend to:

  • Colorful;
  • Aesthetic and attractive;
  • The originality of the ornament;
  • Detailing

Angel and demon

In general, most of the images are bright and riotous colors. But often the drawings are made in a monochrome gamut. There is no deep symbolism in such tattoos, but it is also difficult to call them “empty”. Most often, they still focus on human feelings: love, friendship, devotion.

Fantastic scenes

The most popular characters whose images form the basis of most fantasy-style tattoos:

  • Monsters;
  • Wizards;
  • Witches;
  • Dwarfs, trolls, goblins;
  • Bats and vampires;
  • Angels and Demons;

Valkyrie and the wizard

  • Fairies and elves;
  • Unicorns, dragons and other fantastic creatures.

This is only part of a large list. You can come up with anything. Often in large-scale compositions depicted whole plot lines.

Ideas fantasy tattoos

Come up with a plot for a fantasy tattoo will not be easy. You just need to decide what you like best, what the selected picture will symbolize, and what value it will have for you.

  • Compositions from fairy tales and folklore of various nations of the world are very popular. After all, every culture has its own representatives who are the main characters of legends and stories. Trolls are immediately associated with Norse mythology. Baba Yaga and Leshy are truly Russian characters. Many of them frightened us in childhood, so when we see such drawings, we unconsciously recall these moments. Fantasy tattoo with images of Slavic evil spirits are often found on the bodies of pagans.

Fairytale characters

  • Fantasy tattoo style took over most of the images for tattoos from literature. Ancient myths and legends gave us many different interesting characters, giving rise to the development of a new era in the direction. Minotaur, Medusa Gorgon, hydra - the list goes on and on.
  • Fantasy genre is especially popular now among writers. Modern works talk about vampires, werewolves, demons and other representatives of otherworldly magical worlds.
  • Not spared this direction and the computer industry. Fantasy is one of the most popular themes for games that gather millions of fans. Dragons, knights, magic and magic - this is only a small part of the concepts characteristic of the game universe in this genre. A lot of fans decorate their bodies with characters or stories from their favorite games, making a fantasy tattoo.

Dragon and demon

  • Cinema is the second direction after literature, where the described style is widely represented. Popular films gave the world a lot of heroes who have found their place in the form of a fantasy tattoo on the bodies of movie fans. Dragon Smaug, elves, hobbits, Golum and other famous characters of the Lord of the Rings universe are a source of inspiration for tattoo and tattoo artists. No less popular are sketches from other films, for example, Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Plots from the Lord of the Rings

  • Science fiction also provides a limitless amount of options for fantasy tattoo sketches. Star Trek and Star Wars are the two most famous movie masterpieces that form the basis of a lot of tattoos. Jedi, glowing swords, images of Darth Vader and Yoda - the most popular drawings among lovers of cosmic universes.

Star Wars Fans

Fantasy tattoos will look equally good on any part of the body. Often images are applied on the arm, particularly on the shoulder or wrist. Volume drawings will occupy a worthy place on the back or chest.

Unicorn and fairy

From the foregoing it is clear that fantasy tattoo differ by a huge variety of sketches. You can choose for yourself the “classics of the genre” from the photo from a variety of options, or come up with your own unique pattern. To decorate your body with a masterpiece, you need special professional skills. Therefore, it is better to find a competent tattoo artist who will gradually apply the image, following the necessary instructions, rather than trying to make a tattoo at home.

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