Facelift- on the warpath with aging skin

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Recently, more and more men and women are turning to plastic surgeons for skin tightening, which is also called facelift. The fact is that the skin on the face and neck is aging earlier than on other parts of the body, losing its elasticity and firmness. The appearance of wrinkles hints at a person's age. But you want to stay young and beautiful. Alas, the aging of the skin is inevitable and natural.

Indications for facelift

40-50 years is the most common age for clients of plastic surgeons who want to do facelift. During this period, the skin of the face and neck are most prone to stretching. There are cases of premature aging in 30 - 35 years. In these cases, skin correction is needed before. Facelift helps eliminate any manifestations of age-related changes of the skin of the face and neck, even strongly pronounced.

Indications are:

  • skin structure change;
  • change in the appearance of the fat body of the cheek;
  • sagging eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks;
  • the formation and deepening of the infraorbital valleys;
  • nasolabial sulci formation;
  • loose skin of the neck;
  • formation of horizontal wrinkles on the neck;
  • the disappearance of the neck-chin angle;
  • mimic wrinkles in the eyes, forehead, lips;
  • change the shape of the face.

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When in the mirror you see the aging process on your own face and understand that cosmetic treatment does not restore the skin’s former elasticity, you can seek help from plastic surgeons.

Features of the facelift

The operation is performed by removing excess skin and fat deposits. During the plastic surgery, the muscular aponeurotic structures (SMAS) are strengthened. When using the method of liposuction, folds and wrinkles are removed, thereby improving the shape of the face. There is a correction of age-related changes of the skin on the neck.

Features of the procedure:

  • the operation is performed under general anesthesia;
  • scars after surgery remain barely noticeable;
  • average duration of surgery 2.5 hours;
  • discharge occurs usually one day after surgery.

Cuts are made in the area behind the ears, in the scalp. Special tools are inserted through these incisions under the dermis. With these tools, the surgeon exfoliates the skin. When the skin on the face becomes mobile, it is tightened and fixed. Excessive skin surface is removed, thereby eliminating wrinkles. At the end of the operation cosmetic stitches are applied.


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As with any surgery, plastic face lift has contraindications. These include cancer, diseases of an infectious nature, poor blood clotting, as well as diseases of the internal organs of a chronic nature. If you have any of the above contraindications, the procedure is dangerous. The same operation can not be performed for pregnant women, nursing mothers, women during the critical days and patients who have not reached the age of 16 years.

Procedure cost

The cost of facelift is not affordable for everyone. In some clinics, the minimum cost of the operation reaches 70 thousand rubles. With more complex interventions, the price can be increased several times. However, if you have a material opportunity to return freshness and beauty to your face, you now have such a chance. This operation is provided by a large number of plastic surgery clinics.

Facelift Result

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After 2 weeks from the moment of surgery, the patient will be able to see significant changes from the braces. Within 2 months after this event, swelling of facial tissues is coming off. After that, the patient will be able to fully assess the result of the work done.

The result of the operation, according to plastic surgeons, can last for seven years. Unfortunately, a facelift does not protect the patient from further aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. If desired, the circular facelift can be repeated again. However, the duration of the result depends on the patient's lifestyle, his habits, nutrition, skin care after surgery and the age at which the lift was performed.

When conducting additional cosmetic manipulations, you can significantly increase the period of preservation of the result of facelift. Various facial masks, facial mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage and photo rejuvenation are an excellent anchoring of the result and further prevention of skin aging.

Face charge facelift

If you do not approve of surgical interventions or cannot afford them for material reasons, do not be discouraged. After all, there is a good alternative to plastic face lift. Facial charging facelifting sometimes is not inferior in performance to the work of experienced surgeons.

A technician carrying out facial charging is a lot. In case of serious changes in the condition of the dermis, isometric strength exercises are recommended. For young people, as a preventive measure, it is better to independently carry out lightweight charging options for the face. Exercises for the face are able to please the first results after a few sessions. Such gymnastics can eliminate the existing signs of aging skin. You can do these exercises at home. Do not rush and do not show excessive zeal, the movement should be smooth and smooth.

Galina Dubinina and her unique technique

Galina Dubinina is a famous fitness trainer, thanks to whom many women have acquired the forms of their dreams. Currently, Galina Dubinina teaches her own method of facelift exercises. Gymnastics on this technology includes the following types of exercises:

  • Integrated charging for the neck and face.
  • Conducting acupressure.
  • Conducting charging for the eyes.
  • Breathing exercises.


The technique, based on the experience of Carroll Madgio with the addition of personal modifications, already has numerous positive feedback from Galina Dubinina's clients. This set of exercises must be performed systematically, daily and step by step. After a few sessions you will see the result that you have achieved with your own hands.

Video instruction on performing face lifting exercises from Galina Dubinina

To perform the exercises according to Galina Dubinina's method, it is necessary to give the skin of your face up to 10 minutes a day. The stimulus to continue the exercise will be a refreshed appearance and a healthy glow of your skin. Reviews of satisfied women and men around the world - not an empty phrase. In any case, having tried, you will not lose anything, and perhaps you will acquire beautiful young skin thanks to yourself. Exercise video sessions are available for viewing to everyone. They contain a scheme and instruction, following which and following all the instructions step by step, you will be able to rejoice at the new achievements in self-care achieved independently.

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