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Painless epilation with an epilator is a myth that I would like to believe in, but it is still possible to minimize discomfort during the procedure. To do this, you need to think carefully about the acquisition of this "tool" and take into account all the nuances of the hair removal process. How to do epilation with an epilator, why is it necessary, and which device is best to choose? We will understand further.

The advantages of using the epilator

There are two methods to eliminate skin scalp. Epilation - hair removal with follicle destruction and depilation - elimination of hair above the skin surface. Some women believe that if depilation or depilation by the epilator does not completely relieve the pain at the time of the procedure, then you can do without this device for removing unwanted hairs. Therefore, continue to torture themselves at home with shaving machines, shugaring or wax method of hair removal. Each of these methods has a number of drawbacks that will clearly outweigh the inexpediency of these methods.

  • After shaving hair grow back and become tough.
  • Razor staple often causes skin irritation in the form of redness and rash, which can significantly worsen the situation.
  • If the hair is black, then after shaving the black hair bulbs will still be visible on fair skin, and your body will not add beauty.
  • Shugaring is a way to remove hair with a caramel mass. It sounds tasty, but very painful, if someone does not know. Firstly, you need to properly cook the sugar syrup so that it has the desired consistency. Secondly, it is inconvenient to impose in the intimate area. Thirdly, with a sharp rip off of the layer of caramel, you can get a painful shock.
  • Wax hair removal scheme is about the same as that of shugaring. Only instead of caramel wax is used.

All these methods, with the wrong technique of execution, can only get rid of the part of the hair that is above the surface of the skin.

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Epilation with an epilator has a huge number of advantages compared to other hair removal options:

  • epilator removes hair completely by removing the hair from the follicular sac;
  • The use of the epilator is convenient for all parts of the body, for example, epilation of a bikini with an epilator may well be done on its own;
  • hair is removed for a long time - from three to four weeks;
  • skin becomes noticeably smooth and silky;
  • a wide range of devices provides for the possibility of choosing this device with the function of minimizing pain;
  • You can do hair removal with your own hands at home;
  • Your time is saved and your nerves do not deteriorate.

Epilator modifications

The most sensitive part of the body, and uncomfortable during processing, is undoubtedly the intimate area. Therefore, epilation by the epilator in the bikini zone is the only rational way out in this situation. Selecting the optimal device, pay attention to the minimization of pain, which is achieved by various technical and practical approaches. There are several ways to relieve epilator epilation.

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  • First, the skin becomes less sensitive if it is cooled. For example, the Philips HP6517 / 00 epilator has a special nozzle for cooling the epithelium. Before the procedure, it is placed in the freezer (pre-filled with water). After solidification, it is installed on the device, and then it works as anesthesia.
  • Secondly, the pain subsides during skin massage. That is why the Philips HP6521 epilator is equipped with a massage nozzle, which relieves skin spasm due to vibration. As a result, epilation with an epilator in the bikini zone will be felt only by pinching the skin. In order to facilitate the sliding of the device on the skin surface, it is desirable to lubricate the treated area with massage oil before the procedure.
  • Thirdly, water has a beneficial effect on the relaxation of the whole body and skin as well. Epilators Braun Silk-ypil 7 SkinSpa 7951 is designed specifically for the procedure of hair removal, which can be carried out in water. Comfortably lying in the bathroom, you simultaneously relax and bring your body in order. According to reviews, epilation of the legs with an epilator in water is the best way to reduce the manifestations of pain on the skin.
  • Fourthly, the epilator Rowenta EP 8550 has a gentle mode of hair removal. To do this, the tweezers capture the hair are not very close to each other. As a result, the hairs are pulled out not by a continuous “web”, but at intervals. Intimate epilation with this type of epilator is the least painful option.
  • Fifth, there are devices that have a special massage disc for pressing on the skin surface. After all, pain occurs when the skin is tense as a result of pulling out hair. In turn, the disk, pressing the treated area of ​​the epithelium, thereby reducing the discomfort.

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In addition to nozzles that reduce pain, there are a number of practical bonuses. Some models have a backlight, this function is very important when epilation or depilation is done by the epilator in the bikini area. Or a brush for cleaning the mechanism, a carrying case, etc. comes with the device.

Terms of use of the epilator

The instructions attached to the device will help to figure out how to properly operate it, and why each nozzle is needed. But there are certain rules that should not be neglected:

  • If you are the first time you yourself will carry out the procedure of hair removal, then let your epilation of the legs become your trial step.
  • When treating the intimate area, use the minimum speed to eliminate the possibility of breaking the hair at the base.
  • If you are using a conventional device that does not have the ability to work underwater, then the skin should not be wet.
  • When you get to work, with one hand tighten the skin, and the other lead the device, step by step processing the surface.
  • Carefully inspect the treated area for the presence of moles and papillomas. They can not be treated with such a device for hair removal. Around them gently shave off the hairs with a shaving machine.

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Do not save on your beauty and health - make the right choice!

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