Ear piercing

ear cartilage piercing
Body decoration such as piercing appeared in antiquity and carried a certain meaning (sailors crossing the equator pierced the ear, the Indians argued puncture puncture any part of the body. In our time, this event has become a popular face and body decoration. Despite the painful procedure, wanting to decorate themselves with another "puncture" lot. One of them will be discussed in our article, ear piercings!

This type of piercing is considered the most familiar, it can be called a classic. Almost every third representative of the fair sex had their ears pierced, but over time this event acquired several variations. Fashion reached inserts in the earlobe gradually expanding cylinders. A rather unpleasant sight, but with its originality this process conquered thousands of boys and girls. Such decorations are inserted not only into the earlobe, as well as into cartilage and tragus, there are other variations.

Some types of punctures are very painful, and healing can last from 1 to 6

vertical ear cartilage piercing
months. The decisive factor affecting the rate of healing is the physiological and immune ability of the organism. Puncture of soft or cartilage tissue can lead to many unpleasant reactions in the body, because these places with a large number of ganglia are directly connected with the brain .. This can be called a weighty argument in favor of carrying out the procedure by a competent specialist. And if you decide to do this procedure for a non-professional, you may experience inflammation, suppuration, or even worsen your health.

Puncture zone description:

ear punctures

  • Auricle Curl Piercing. Piercing is performed on the cartilage tissue in the upper part of the ear.
  • Trestle Piercing One of the difficult punctures, as damage to the inner part of the auricle is possible. The tragus is a cartilage, located opposite the auricle and similar to an irregular triangle. The decoration for him is a small nail or a little ring.
  • Industrial piercing - piercing in two zones of cartilage, and the resulting holes are interconnected decoration.
  • Snug- passes through the ear to the middle to the lateral surfaces. Puncture heals about 3 months. For decoration use a bar or a banana.
  • Daith-practically not found type of piercing in Russia. Piercing is carried out from the inside of the cartilage. He will be to face both girls and guys. Heals about 3 months.
  • Rook- represents a puncture that passes through the top to the inner groan of cartilage. The healing can last 2 to 3 months.

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