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The cyberpunk style, as well as steampunk, first appeared in science fiction literature and immediately won many fans. After the works in this direction began to appear films, and later computer games. It has not bypassed the undergarment painting, in which a new trend originated - the cyberpunk tattoo.

The history and distinctive features of cyberpunk tattoo

Scientific and technological progress, the widespread use of computers, the emergence of artificial intelligence, cybernetic organisms, a high level of technological development, the achievements of genetic engineering - this is only one side of the coin.

Cyberpunk Back Pads

On the other hand, poverty, stratification and insecurity of society, life in slums, crime and the complete decline of culture. Here are the main features of the dystopian universe of the cyberpunk direction.

The birth of style comes at the end of the 70s of the 20th century. But the term itself, combining two English words - cybernetics (cybernetics) and punk (garbage), was first used only in 1983 by science fiction writer Bruce Bettke as the name for the story he wrote.

Cyberpunk tattoos for guys

After that, the flowering of this trend began, and many anti-utopian writers began to appear, who created their works in this genre. The most famous of them - William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Pat Cadigan. There are popular authors in Russia - this is Victor Pelevin and Alexander Tyurin.

A huge contribution to the promotion of style made cinema. Released in 1982, the film “Blade Runner” in all its glory showed a real anti-utopian atmosphere. After that, the first cyberpunk tattoos began to appear. Hans Giger, an artist who worked on images in the film Alien, had a special influence on the formation of the direction.

Alien and predator

Next came the movie "Critters" and the movie "Predator" with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This gave an even greater impetus to the popularization of a cyberpunk tattoo.

And James Cameron’s creation of the cult Terminator caused a real boom. The first sketches of a cyberpunk tattoo appeared on the basis of the images of the characters from these films showing the world of the future. Now there are many computer games that also had a huge impact on the promotion of cyberpunk.


Then another direction was formed called postkiberpank. There are movies in this style. The brightest and most famous of them is “The Matrix”.

There are a lot of fans of these genres, and their number is constantly growing, as well as the number of people choosing cyberpunk tattoos.

Features tattoo cyberpunk

Girl with cyberpunk tattoo

This direction of body art is very similar to biomechanics, as well as with organic matter and is considered to be mainly male. After all, not every lady will want to decorate her body with mechanical components. These include:

  • Microchips;
  • Gears;
  • Tubes;
  • Springs;
  • Levers;
  • Plates and other mechanical inclusions.

Black and white drawing

In one picture, a combination of live and non-living, mechanical and organic occurs. Metallic elements break through the skin, exposing muscles or internal organs. Or, some parts of the body or entire limbs are replaced with foreign constituents made of metal.

Earlier in the application of such tattoos used dark gray and black shades. Now tattoo artists have begun to apply more colors to create a three-dimensional effect and highlight the image.

Volume tattoos

Especially cool will look a large-scale picture, for example, the entire back or chest. Small ornaments will no longer produce the same effect. It is possible to take shoulders and forearms for tattoos. Girls often pin pictures on their sides.

On the neck and on the arm

Tattoo in the style of cyberpunk requires a serious approach, so do not try to apply it at home. Contact a qualified tattoo artist to help you choose an image and create a sketch. You can also independently study the photo and pick a tattoo. Then the master will step through the drawing, following the instructions. As a result, you will receive a unique tattoo that will convey the whole atmosphere of the dystopian universe of cyber-punk.

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