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Natural complex for slimming Fito Slim Balance

Miracle pills for weight loss does not happen, but to find a drug that can help in the difficult task is quite real. Cocktail Fito Slim Balance is one of them, it is a protein-carbohydrate mixture, which must be replaced with one meal, the ideal option is the evening. It can be found in pharmacies and is easy to find by visiting the official website. You can use Fito Slim Balance cocktail at home, following a diet and moderate exercise.

What is the essence of drinking cocktail Fito Slim Balance?

As you will understand from the composition, the company fito slim balance does not produce a miracle drink, from which "fat melts before our eyes." Approaching the process of losing weight from the position of “the faster, the better” is completely wrong and even dangerous, and manufacturers perfectly understand this. It is necessary to get rid of every kilogram and centimeter step by step, gradually increasing the load, changing the usual menu and watching the reaction of the body.

Cocktail phyto slim balance refers to dietary supplements - dietary supplements that are not a medicine and a panacea for fat. Yes, the weight will be reduced, even if you do not sit on a grueling diet and do not exercise, but not at the expense of the drink itself. Replacing a portion of a cocktail dinner, you get a low-calorie, carefully balanced meal, rich in vitamins and useful trace elements. It benefits the body and subconsciously adjusts to moderation in food, especially in the evenings.

During the day, the body receives less energy than before, while most of it comes a few hours before sleep and has time to spend. This leads to weight loss and "absorption" of fat reserves. Due to the presence of protein in the muscles do not disappear. The cost of one pack of Fito Slim Balance is about 1000 rubles. Probably, this is not a high price, provided that the drink really helps to lose weight. But more on that below.

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Composition Fito Slim Balance

Fito Slim Balance cocktail is a carefully selected complex of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates that will help you lose weight. It includes:

  • Whey protein: fat burning cocktail contains the necessary amount of protein, which helps muscles grow;
  • Maltodextrin: it is a carbohydrate that supplies energy to the body;
  • Dextrose: a substance that helps remove toxins and slags, keep muscles in shape;
  • The complex of vitamins and minerals: cocktail "phyto slim balance" contains many useful elements that partially meet the needs of the person.

The company producing fito slim balance strictly monitors the quality of products and does not use preservatives, GMOs and sugar. The natural composition makes the phyto slimming slimming drink safe for use. Going to the official site, you can find more information about the composition and the ratio of all elements.

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The action of a slimming cocktail Phyto Slim Balance

It should immediately be said that the phyto-slim balance cocktail is not pills with an unknown composition, after which the fat is removed from the body. The mixture includes vitamins, dietary supplements and selected in the optimal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins. And although it’s unlikely to achieve results in a week, real feedback on the Fito Slim Balance drink is quite positive: with a large weight, the losses reach 5 kg in 2 weeks.

The phyto slimming slimming drink acts on the body as follows:

  1. Helps to normalize the metabolism;
  2. Cleans the body of toxins;
  3. Reduces or eliminates all the craving for sweets;
  4. It reduces the feeling of hunger and perfectly replaces one of the meals, while having a low calorie content;
  5. Due to the high protein content, the phyto-slim balance cocktail does not allow the muscles to "leave";
  6. There is a normalization of eating behavior, there is a habit of a more healthy diet.

Having read the positive, supposedly "real reviews" About Fito Slim Balance, many are waiting for a truly magical result from the drug, which can be achieved without changing the menu and sitting on the couch. Alas, it is still impossible. Replacing yourself one of the meals with a cocktail and doing a little sports, you can help yourself get rid of fat faster without fear of regaining excess weight.

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Contraindications to drinking a cocktail

No matter how wonderful the Fito Slim Balance drink is, there are some limitations. These include:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: at this time, the woman's body must fully feed in order to carry and feed a healthy baby;
  • In case of hard physical work or enhanced sports activities: in these cases it is better to supplement the main meals with a cocktail, rather than replace them, because the body spends enough energy;
  • Allergy and individual intolerance to any components: you can find out in advance at the doctor;
  • Diabetes and some other chronic diseases.

For the rest, the slimming fito slimming balance drink is completely safe and healthy.

fat burning drink Fito Slim Balance

Production and use of Fito Slim Balance

The drink is produced in the form of soluble powder, which is not sold in pharmacies, but only ordered via the Internet. The instructions will help to prepare the serving correctly and calculate the amount of powder. However, to prepare the cocktail itself is not difficult in stages.

  1. You must take 2-3 tablespoons of dry powder and pour into a tall glass, you can use a shaker for convenience.
  2. Pour the powder with 200 ml of warm milk, juice or water to taste. Using water, you can reduce the caloric content of the drink to a minimum, but it is better to dilute it with something else to get a different taste.
  3. Stir thoroughly until completely dissolved. You can use a mixer for a better result or a shaker, as well as a jar with a tightly screwed lid. It is necessary to make sure that all the grains are dissolved.
  4. To improve the taste or variety in the resulting cocktail, you can add fresh fruit or berry puree. You can also add a little seasoning, such as cinnamon, but sugar is better to remove: it will only bring harm.

The scheme of drinking is very simple and available to anyone who wants to change the shape.

The real reviews of drinking cocktail Fito Slim Balance

100% result?

Maria: Don't get fooled by this wonder drug. I bought, opened, and there ordinary milk powder! Whether I bought a fake, or if it really is a Russian divorce! Buy dried milk and lose weight on health! ))

Eleonora: I did not like his bite, the more I did not like that there is no effect for losing weight. Dura, that did not read the reviews before you buy. Do not take!

Marina: My husband goes to the rocking chair and he drinks a protein shake to gain muscle mass. I tried his drink, he is exactly like mine. But the appetite really interrupts.

Lyudmila: I have been going to the gym for a few months and have been drinking Fito Slim Balance for a couple of months. I admit right away that nothing bad happened to me, I like the taste, my figure has become better, I still think that a cocktail helps to lose weight, but with the right lifestyle.

negative feedback


Despite the fact that the cocktail Fito Slim Balance is called fat burning, it does not fight with extra inches directly. By helping to adjust the menu, the drug allows a person to embark on the path of proper nutrition and sports, gradually bringing the figure to the ideal. If you have an extra 1000 rubles, then try this tool on yourself to be 100% sure of its effectiveness. Perhaps it will help you!

As you can see, manufacturers can properly embellish their products so that it is easily sold. But if you have already consumed this drink, then leave your comments below the article. Let our readers learn the whole truth about the Fito Slim Balance cocktail!

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