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Celtic tattoos are underwear painting of antiquity, combining a deep sacred meaning and incredibly powerful image power. Celtic patterns are impressive design complexity and its intricacy, and beautiful and endless lines imbued with the monumental meaning of the ancient tribes.

Features of Celtic tattoos

The centuries-old peoples of Western Europe in their arts sought to replicate or imitate the multifaceted nature of nature. Pricked sketches in the form of frilly knots or in the form of spirals and labyrinths, complex interlacings that do not have an end reflect the cycles of the seasons and the endlessness of life. Ornaments create a map of the path of a person with his zigzags and loops, and also symbolize the place where the soul and body intersect.

Complex patterns were an integral part of the culture of the ancient Celtic tribes of the 2nd century BC. Their character was distinguished by militancy and love of freedom. They attacked the neighboring nations to increase their lands and expand wealth. On the battlefield, the tribes seemed to have reincarnated into wild hunters, intimidating their enemies with their bravery, bestial cries and mysterious wearable symbols. But despite the cruelty of character, they were distinguished by wisdom and faith in the reincarnation of the soul.

Variants of tattoos of the ancient Celts

The culture of the conquered states had a great influence on Celtic tattoos and their significance. In each pattern intertwined motifs of different nations: Slavic, Byzantine, Indo-Aryan. Art in itself was not a primary task for them, they put the main meaning in a religious branch, which is similar to the ancient one.

Today, the fashion for Celtic tattoos is very popular. They are male and female, regardless of the age of the carrier. This is due to the fact that all the tattoos are unique and inimitable, because the bright ornaments of the Irish tribes are saturated with complex knots, combined into whole schematic systems.

Tattoo on female bodies

For a more detailed study of magical ornaments, we have prepared for you a selection of photos and sketches of wearable arts, which will help to evaluate their uniqueness and beauty. Let's see with you what kind of underwear painting is more suitable for girls and for men.

Celtic (Irish) Cross

If your choice is on this work of art, carefully study the meaning of each element of the image before applying.

  • Tattoo Celtic cross is similar to the Christian, the only difference is the circumference at the site of the cross.
  • According to legends, this sign bestowed on the Irish peoples St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to the pagans. Therefore, this cross was the result of the union of religious signs and the symbol of the sun.
  • The metal meaning of the picture: hope, faith, Divine love, fertility, the sun.
  • The cross is depicted from one endless thread - the life cycle. Also, a pattern is put in memory of deceased relatives, in order to bestow happiness and peace on them in the new world.

Celtic cross

Infinite knot

  • The main component of the ornament is a triangle, which can be either a separate pattern or a part of a complex composition.
  • Lines connected in knots and forming an endless circle mean the eternal cycle of existence, worldly solitude of spiritual and earthly existence.
  • Celtic tattoos on the shoulder symbolize the magic interweaving of the two beginnings and denote the merging and unity of loving hearts, sincere devotion.

Infinite knot

Clover leaf

Clover symbolizes the homeland of the ancient tribes - Ireland. Celtic tattoos on the hand with the image of a three or four-leaf clover can be performed by people who are ready to boast of their Irish roots, or lovers of this emerald country and its traditions.



This tattoo has received a huge spread in our time. The butterfly symbolizes the souls of the ancestors, the transformation of the immortal essence after the funeral. People who choose this sign for themselves interpret it as a rebirth after the end of hard changes in life, readiness for new challenges, just as a magnificent and graceful butterfly leaves its cocoon. Thin tattoo often prefer girls on the ankle or shoulder.


Wrist bracelet

The sketch is a knot of love, signifies warm feelings, friendship and loyalty. It is an intricate pattern, in the center of which is the heart with a crown. If you want to get closer spiritually with a partner - choose this tattoo for you.


Color selection

In the color scheme there are no restrictions for tattooing. But in most cases, wearable ornaments are performed in black and green. Green color symbolizes a rich and fertile Ireland, they put the image of three-leaf clover and other organic plants.

The culture of the ancient tribes has made an invaluable contribution to tattoo history. Celtic style is the most religious, artsy and preferred design of modern times.

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