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Garcinia cambogia extract is widely used for weight loss, but do not forget that any plant can both benefit and harm.

The benefits of Cambodian Garcinia and the effect of its reception

Cambodian Garcinia Slimming grows in India and Southeast Asia in tropical rain forests. Useful properties of this plant used in ancient times for the treatment of arthritis, eating disorders and to stabilize the menstrual cycle. In Asia, extracts of this plant were used as seasonings, and juice was drunk to improve digestion after taking heavy meals. In the last century, these fruits from India became popular in Europe, they began to be used for weight loss.

cambodian fruit for weight loss

The Cambodian Garcinia plant fruit contains a large amount of pectin, which begins to swell from contact with water and when people take this fruit, a substance is formed that looks like a gel that fills the stomach and allows you to quickly get enough. Garcinia cambogia slimming is very effective:

  • it reduces appetite, reduces the amount of food consumed;
  • with it you can do the prevention of obesity;
  • it allows you to not feel the hunger that occurs during a diet that becomes more effective;
  • the adoption of this plant improves metabolism, a person has more energy that can be effectively used for sports, and physical activity, as you know, is excellent help to lose weight;
  • Garcinia cambogia slimming helps to maintain weight after the diet is over.

The advantage of taking supplements:

  • No effect on hormones.
  • No impact on the central nervous system.
  • Carbohydrate metabolism is improved by reducing the absorption of glucose in the small intestine and the normalization of glycogen levels.

How and in what doses to take Cambodian Garcinia fruit?

It is very difficult to get Garcinia in Russia, but there are many dietary supplements containing this plant extract in the form of concentrates, such as Ayurslim, Turboslim, Citrimax and Calorie Blocker. You can buy them at a pharmacy or diet food store. The cost of these drugs is about four hundred rubles. It is necessary to pay special attention to the dosage of extracts of the Cambodian fruit in dietary supplements, it is recommended five hundred milligrams of the plant.

The simplest form of this plant is pills and capsules, you can begin to drink them, without any preparation. Depending on the amount of extract contained in the preparation, it is recommended to take it once to twice a day. You must adhere to these rules:

  • Drink liquid in the amount of two or two and a half liters per day.
  • There are often small portions, it allows you to stimulate the metabolism.
  • Exclude sugar, alcoholic beverages, any chocolate, sweets and carbonated drinks.
  • Remove salt from the diet, replacing it with special spices for weight loss.

Garcinia tablets

Side effects and contraindications

Cambodian Garcinia for weight loss has contraindications:

  • Breast-feeding;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Any dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease;
  • High cholesterol.

There are side effects, but they are extremely rare:

  • Head spinning;
  • Always want to sleep;
  • The chair becomes weakened.

Reviews show that for a hundred people one may have a side effect.

Testimonials for Cambodian Extract

More than fifty percent of people who took this plant, without changing the correct way of life, noted that from one to three kilograms it took for the first month, while they did not change their way of life. Despite the fact that the numbers are small - this can be considered a positive trend, because unlike most other tablets and capsules, in this case, even diet and exercise are not needed. But still sport always allows you to improve the result by a couple of kilograms, the more classes can be done at home.

Supplement Garcinia Forte

In our country, these fruits can be bought only in the form of dietary supplements, alas, Cambodian garcinia in the pharmacy and other places and in its pure form is almost not sold directly. Those who want to buy dried fruit peel, buy it through the Internet, however, reviews say that this is a very big risk and you can run into a fake, which not only does not help, but also causes serious damage to health. Their cost on the Internet is very high, and the benefit is doubtful, such drugs cause a laxative effect and a very strong tonic effect. The price of life is too high to buy fakes and risk their health.

Health check before taking Garcinia Cambogia

Slow metabolism is one of the main causes of obesity. Taking drugs that speed up the metabolism is very helpful in reducing weight. However, in order not to harm this process, you should not start a weight loss program yourself, it is better to visit a doctor first. The doctor will prescribe a series of tests and examine the body step by step, identifying whether there are any contraindications to receive Bud or not. Many people read about the beneficial properties of the extract, instill in themselves that there can be no harm from the plant and begin to engage in amateur activities.

chopped fruit

As a result, we can say that the adoption of a unique plant in the form of additives may not lead to a correct and stable weight reduction without additional components. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are required. Exercises need to start doing light, gradually increasing the load. The scheme of proper nutrition can be found on the Internet or make an appointment with a nutritionist who will tell you all the details. And all the Bads are only ancillary ways in the fight against obesity and they must be taken strictly according to the instructions in order not to harm their own health with their own hands and not to reduce all works to zero.

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