Breathing exercises for weight loss

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Breathing exercises for weight loss is really the know-how among the methods of burning calories. Respiratory slimming is a method of burning excess body fat, which is now at the peak of popularity. Many people who are overweight were able to see a positive result after a week of training. What is respiratory slimming and how to learn to breathe correctly?

Proper breathing for weight loss helps not only lose weight, but also fairly improve their health. Oxygen is what makes us live. If he did not exist, so would not we! With a deep breath, it enters the human body in large quantities, while soaking the cells of the body.

Respiratory weight loss, what is it?

The method consists in filling the lungs with oxygen, from where it is distributed throughout the body. Thus, we develop the body and train it. Oxygen enters even the smallest cells in the body and makes them work actively.

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In normal condition, our breathing is shallow, the reason for that is the pace of life - there is no time to even take a breath, for good reason there is such a saying. Constant stress makes you breathe more often, but there is little benefit from it. Our body is limited in oxygen and does not receive it in sufficient quantities. Proof of this is the change in climate, when a person from a big city gets closer to nature, he feels slightly dizzy. This is a normal body reaction to clean air.

Since thanks to this method, our body begins to work effectively, then the process of burning excess fat passes unnoticed by our eyes. A person is transformed already in the first week of active breathing.

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Breathing exercises for weight loss, what is its effectiveness?

With the help of a few simple exercises you can completely say goodbye to the problem of excess weight in a short time. Many people choose this particular method of losing weight, because you do not have to burden yourself:

  • heavy exercise;
  • strict diet.

Another advantage, such gymnastics can be done independently at home, which saves material resources well. You can choose for yourself the right time for training and the method of losing weight.

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The effectiveness of this technique has been proven by a huge amount of feedback from men and women who managed to say goodbye to extra pounds and improve their health. Breathing exercises for weight loss activate a number of processes in the body, namely:

  • Promote fat burning;
  • Reduce hunger;
  • Help digest food;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Positively affect the nervous system;
  • Give a person energy.

This is an incomplete list of the benefits of such exercises. Breathing exercises for weight loss along with extra pounds expels harmful substances from the body, such as toxins and pesticides. Normalizes a good metabolism and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. If step by step to perform all the movements of these activities, you can get not only great benefits, but also a good mood.

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Breathing exercises for weight loss and their types

To get quick results you need to follow a special breathing technique for losing weight. Instructions for implementation is required, because only this way, namely step by step, you can lose all the excess calories. Breathing exercises for slimming the abdomen, and along with this part of the whole body, is to perform the following movements.

First you need to learn how to breathe correctly. First, all air is exhaled from the lungs through the mouth, followed by a sharp deep breath through the nose followed by expiration with the mouth open.

At first glance, the procedure may seem complicated, but if you experiment several times, everything will work out. Such an exercise must be done in the morning in order to put more oxygen into the lungs and start the process of burning fat.

Breathing itself is very effective, but, and if you combine it with selected physical exercises, the result will appear even faster. Static load does not require special skills, but only the desire will like itself, and only in this case will the result.


There are different breathing techniques for weight loss, one of which is fitness trainer Marina Korpan. She has developed a special express course for weight loss. The basis went to exercises with body flex and oxysis. Marina Korpan offers to master her technique and promises that breathing exercises for weight loss will give visible results in just a couple of sessions.

The scheme of the course is the simultaneous performance of deep breathing and physical activity. Breathing exercises for weight loss from coach Marina Korpan is divided into two types:

  • Bodyflex;
  • Oxisize

Bodyflex - is a complex of physical exercises, which contain breathing delay. The pattern is identical with classic deep breathing. The proposed exercises help stretch the muscles of the body and give it elasticity. Due to the fact that the air is retained in the body, the vessels expand, and oxygen quietly overcomes the path to the cells.

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  • Bodyflex exercises should be performed in the morning before eating.
  • It is recommended to drink only pure water.
  • For better effect, you should remove the usual high-calorie foods from the diet.

Oksisayz - this is also breathing exercises for weight loss. For this method, several exercises are provided, but with free breathing. This type does not involve the abdominal muscles, which is significantly different from body flex, because it is mainly the belly that works there. To master this method you need to practice.

  1. Take a quick breath and at the same time lift the muscles of the pelvis.
  2. Then a few short breaths one by one and exhale, after, still abrupt exhalations. Such exercises are considered to be gentle and great for those who have never done breathing exercises.


So learn how to breathe properly and deeply, it is not difficult. This is a great method to lose weight for those who do not have time to visit the gym and loves to keep at home. The performance is amazing and all this thanks to a small effort.

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