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Bodyart is the avant-garde movement in the visual arts. From English, body art literally translates as "body art", and this is not surprising, because the human body serves as a canvas for creativity. This art took its modern form in the 60s of the last century, while the peak of popularity fell on the period of postmodernism, in which the human body was not only a material, but also an object of creativity.

Types of body art

Today, body painting is often perceived as the art of drawing on the human body, but its concept is much broader. At the moment, there are several types of body art, each of which deserves a separate description.


The most common type of body art is painting on the body and face - it is more correct to call body painting. This is one of the types of body art in which the artist creates his own creation using a special paint on the human body. As a rule, beautiful girls are chosen by the model, and body art on the body is created for advertising, show business or photo shootings.

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In addition, fashion shows, hairstyling and nail art championships are increasingly being conducted with elements of bodypainting. Such an interesting way of self-expression as painting on the body is actively used by modern youth, for example, goths, punks, roleviki, cosplayers, emo, metallers and other subcultures, and, as a rule, they create drawings with their own hands at home.

Bodypainting Techniques

Bodypainting is not just a picture on the body, it is design, photo, graphics, decorative and applied art and makeup together. Creating an image, whether it is naked body art or with elements of clothing and various accessories, the artist and model express their view of the world, their perception of life and a particular event. By the way, lately, bodypainting has increasingly been used as a wedding body art. In this case, different techniques can be used - airbrushing (the image is created using an airbrush) or manual work (the body is painted manually with the help of brushes).

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Body piercing

Another common art form of body art is piercing, “hole piercing,” which later contains earrings, rings, pendants, and similar jewelry. This type of body art on the body can be present anywhere, from the navel to the tongue and ears. If it is done correctly, it is considered quite safe, but it should be noted that, for example, such a body art on the face in large quantities looks more defiant than beautiful. Of course, you should only trust the creation of piercing to professionals, refusing to pierce yourself at home.

belly button piercing

Tattoo and tattoos

The third type of "body art" is tattooing. Thanks to modern technology, today its scope has expanded significantly, as the tattoo is used, for example, in the beauty and fashion industry in the form of permanent tattooing of lips and eyebrows, permanent makeup. In no case should you get a tattoo yourself or in underground salons.

floral tattoo on the back

Colorful multicolor tattoos made by professional masters look very beautiful. However, it should be remembered that such a body art on the face or body is for the rest of life, and the image can be removed only with the help of plastic surgery. If you are not sure that you want to permanently change your body, try body art with henna. Such a tattoo is painless, remains on the skin no more than a month and disappears along with the "old" skin.


scar on the clavicle

Another type of body art is scart scarification. This is a painful procedure, during which deep cuts are left on the body, which then turn into more elaborate scars. As the famous proverb says, scars adorn men, but such body art on the face or body will surely cause a mixed reaction and certainly not suitable for girls.

Body art materials

Body art paints are specialized materials. In the case of bodypainting, drawings are usually applied with water-based, oily makeup, alcohol-based or aqua-silicone based, or special markers. Such a specialized paint is expensive, and therefore it is often replaced with cheaper and affordable acrylic paint, and sometimes even with gouache with the addition of shampoos or shaving cream for softness.

Of course, specialized paints are preferable, especially when a female body painting is created for the whole body, since such paints last longer and do not crack, unlike gouache. Depending on the type, they are creamy, pressed, liquid, applied with brushes, sponges, fingers or airbrush. Sold in art and specialized cosmetic stores.

body paint set

In the case of tattooing and tattooing, special paints are also used, and the color and durability of the tattoo, as well as the condition of the skin, depend on their quality. Tattoo paint is a foundation that interacts with the skin and leaves a trail of a certain color. Today, using paints on cream, alcohol and water base. For greater durability, it can be with the content of chemical and organic dyes.

What kind of paint to choose

Deciding to create a male or female body painting, you need to act step by step, after preparing all the necessary materials and tools. The instruction in this case is simple:

  • Choose aqua-makeup if you want to decorate your body or face with a pattern for a party or carnival. It is easy to work with it, it does not crack and does not spread, but at the same time it is short-lived. For a long decoration, choose specialized professional paints.
  • In addition to paints, you should stock up with contour pencils on the skin, fixatives, brushes, airbrush, sponges. With their help, you can create any patterns and make beautiful smooth transitions between shades of different colors. Airbrush is useful for painting large areas of skin with one color, for fine drawing, brushes of different sizes are better suited. For drying paint can be useful hair dryer. It is convenient to wipe off excess paint with wet wipes.

The process of creating pictures on the body

drawing on the body and face

Like any creative process, the creation of an image on the skin occurs in stages.

  1. To begin with, it is worthwhile to treat the areas of the body on which there will be peeling patterns, after which - a moisturizing cream. This is to ensure that the paint went smoother and kept longer.
  2. After that, you can proceed directly to the drawing pattern. Pre-applied scheme or outline, for example, using a cosmetic pencil, and then each piece of the picture is painted in accordance with the plan. By the way, before the beginning of the drawing it is worth making a sketch drawing, so that in the process of drawing there is something to compare.
  3. Since body painting is a component of the whole image, to complete it, as a rule, one cannot do without the usual cosmetics - lipstick, mascara for eyelashes, contour pencils, powder, etc.

Children's body art

beautiful girl

Children are real visionaries. Who better than them can come up with intricate designs and without hesitation will agree to decorate their faces? That is why lately children's body art has become very popular, which has become an almost mandatory element of most children's parties, birthdays, competitions and festivals.

Video: applying airbrushing on the body

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