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A blackwork tattoo is a monochrome pattern, which is often used to correct, or hide, a previously applied poor-quality tattoo. The name itself speaks for itself. "black" - black translated from English, "workplace"- Job. When performing a blackwork tattoo - pure black is used, which distinguishes this style of tattoo from others. The style Black work tatoo is most popular among lovers of the exotic and fans of ethnics, gothic, and the style of Southeast Asia.

What is black work tattoo

Blackwork patches are not recommended for those who wish to have a small tattoo. Blackwork style tattoos require a swing. Usually such tattoos are made on a large area. Thigh, abdomen, back, shoulders, legs. Sketches for performing blackwork tattoos are taken from the patterns in the Indian style, or represent an intricate draw from Sanskrit or Khmer writing, combined with the image of animal totems.

Blackwork animals tattoos on the body

Among the peoples of Southeast Asia, it is believed that the tattoo, performed by a monk in a Buddhist temple, combined with the singing of mantras, is a talisman with a specific function. And along with the image of the animal - a person receives and its main qualities. Therefore, the image of a tiger, a crocodile, a lion - is considered purely masculine. And for a woman recommended lizard, monkey, bird. Tattoo blackwork in essence is a fancy interweaving of patterns, filled with black color, including the image of animals, birds or floral ornament.

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Women who want to try the style of Blackwork tattoo, usually find themselves in doubt. After all, such a tattooing requires a sweep, which means it is not always possible to make it small, in a place invisible to others. However, this is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure to try a new style. In such a situation, the option of a temporary tattoo comes to the rescue, when the drawing is applied not subcutaneously with needles, but lightly, that is, directly onto the skin. Such a pattern, if properly applied, will last about three to four weeks. If you wish, you can update it.

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Step-by-step instructions for applying a tattoo black work at home

Run a tattoo blackwork can be at home. It looks good tattoo blackwork on his arm. In order to apply a tattoo to yourself you need to be patient and the tools you need to work.

For work will be required

  • Black henna (better indian);
  • Brushes (can be used from the shellac manicure kit);
  • Olive or coconut oil;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Alcohol;
  • Sponge (to remove excess paint from the brush);
  • Cotton buds.

How to choose a picture

intricate patterns

The selection of the pattern for the purpose of applying to the body should be approached with all seriousness. Your choice should be based on basic principles.

  • The main message (meaning) is in the image;
  • Its shape. If you decide to have a tattoo on your arm, smaller, elongated shapes of the ornament are suitable for this.

Work on applying blackwork tattoo at home is carried out in stages.

  • Selecting a sketch, focusing on the preferences and part of the body, where it is supposed to put a tattoo;
  • Transfer the sketch to paper;
  • Degrease the skin area where the pattern is to be applied;
  • Transferring the pattern from paper to skin;
  • Drawing drawing.

Based on esoteric teachings, you should note that the left side is considered to be female, and the right side - male. Based on this, the printed image can enhance or reduce some personality traits. For example, a woman with a powerful, despotic character is not recommended to put images of predators on the right side. This can strengthen the male principle, and strengthen the imperiousness, aggressiveness.

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  1. After the choice is made - you need to transfer the drawing to a sheet of paper and completely paint the necessary places with a black pencil (you can use a cosmetic one).
  2. In a cup (not metal! Porcelain, ceramic) - sift henna powder and dilute it with oil and lemon juice. The resulting weight should be approximately as thick as the icing of sugar.
  3. The place where the drawing will be applied should be degreased with alcohol, then sprinkle a sheet of water with an image from a spray bottle and apply the design on the skin, smoothing it well. After removing the paper sketch - the picture will remain on the body.
  4. Next - the most interesting and crucial stage - drawing pattern. For fine and fine lines, thin brushes are used, and for painting larger areas, thicker brushes, or wooden sticks with an oblique cut.
  5. Apply the paste left to dry, then remove with a cloth moistened with lemon juice. Experts recommend that after removing the paste, rub a small amount of coconut, olive or sesame oil into the place where the picture is applied.

If you still decide to make a permanent tattoo blackwork, it is better to contact the experts and make it in the salon.

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