Black and white tattoos - timeless classics for all times

Black and white gamma

Black and white tattoos have always been very popular and famous. Despite the fact that tattoo art has long gone far ahead, and masters have learned how to fill images in various color schemes and techniques, monochrome tattoos will never be forgotten.

Black color is one of the most favorite of many people. And in the body art industry, he rightfully occupies the main position, being the basis of almost all the drawings. He fascinates and attracts with its mystery, creating the effect of mystery. Black and white tattoos can both scare and calm at the same time.

The standard question that most people have when choosing a sketch for a tattoo is which one to make? In color or black and white tattoo? A number of advantages of a two-color image can be a decisive factor in decision making.

The main features of black and white tattoos

Why do so many lovers of decorating their bodies with tattoos stop on these very pictures:

  • They have more traced contours and look stricter compared to color;
  • Black color is suitable for clothes of almost any style. This will especially please the girls, because under the colorful ornaments on the body, it is necessary to select the appropriate elements of the wardrobe;
  • The aesthetic appeal and beauty of black and white tattoos attract many people, so these tattoos will always be in fashion;

Angel and skull

  • Black color has many shades. Thanks to the game of shadows, with the help of black and white tones you can apply any image. And in some patterns and ornaments in the style of ethnics, other color inclusions are simply unacceptable;
  • Black and white tattoos are less susceptible to fading and other environmental influences than color. For example, black and white flowers will retain their stamina much longer, and it will not be necessary to update images as often;
  • The composition of black pigments is more natural and safe for the skin;
  • These tattoos are universal and are suitable for both boys and girls;
  • The cost of work will be much cheaper. But this does not mean that the application process due to this will become less time consuming. Rather the opposite. High-quality black and white tattoos require a lot of experience, skill and endurance from the master.

Previously, there was such a problem that a monochrome tattoo after some time was green or even blue. Currently, this is no longer the case, as manufacturers began to produce better paint and inventory for tattoo parlors. But it is better to choose a proven institution with a good reputation, rather than underground studios.

The meaning of black and white tattoos

For a long time black color personified darkness, sadness, sadness, and also was a symbol of death and the other world. This value it has in the modern world, but only in part.

Tattoos on the hand of a girl

  • Now monochrome drawings carry a special meaning.
  • Color patterns focus on brightness and originality, while black and white focus on content.
  • Two-color scale is understandable to all, it is extremely simple. The human eye is not distracted by extraneous bright colors, but immediately sees the meaning invested in the drawing.

In China, black color is treated quite differently. He personifies joy and celebration. In black clothes play a wedding, celebrate important dates. But white on the contrary is an indicator of grief and mourning. So, ha taste and color

Choosing a place for tattoos

Monochrome pictures will look good on all parts of the body.

  • Favorite places for black and white tattoos in men are hands;
  • The tattoo on the forearm, shoulder, lower leg looks especially pronounced;
  • Also, representatives of the strong half choose for tattoos back, chest, neck;

The girls try not to show off their drawings, so they make small black and white tattoos and choose more intimate places:

  • Shoulder blades and the space between them;
  • Feet;

Shoulder pads

  • Thighs;
  • Lower abdomen area.

Sketch selection

Every day new sketches of black and white tattoos are invented. There are already so many of them that when choosing, the eyes run up. On the Internet you can find millions of photos of sketches on various topics and for every taste and color. We present only the main most popular categories. The decision will depend solely on your imagination, preferences and the promise that your future black and white tattoo will carry out.

  • Fame gain small tattoos, which is a figure with a clear contour, completely filled with black paint;
  • Various patterns and ornaments do not lose their relevance. Demand is Celtic and ethnic motifs, as well as runes and mandala;

Ornaments on a man's shoulder

  • Monochrome 3D tattoo will look original and realistic. But for this you need to find a real professional tattoo artist;
  • Hieroglyphs, as well as various philosophical thoughts, excerpts from the holy books and many other writings, united in one category - inscriptions, are especially popular. Such tattoos are mostly always depicted in black and white;
  • Almost all images in a geometric style are made using two colors. These include BlackWork, LineWork and DotWork. There are rare exceptions when the tattoos of these substats are applied in color;

Tiger and wolf on hand

  • Favorite male sketches of black and white tattoos - scenes from films, episodes of battles, female images. And, of course, images of animals and birds that convey the quality of its owner. In the top of the constant leaders are: wolf, bear, eagle, lion. These predators personify true masculine features;
  • Girls also associate themselves with some of the wildlife. Favorite female animals - fox, cat, panther. They emphasize the grace and femininity of the lady;

fox and cat

  • Flower and plant motifs in the form of black and white tatuha look no less beautiful on a female body. Each young lady will be able to pick a flower that personifies her. The leading places are occupied by roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, orchids.

Peonies and roses on the body of a girl

It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of a sketch of a black and white tattoo from the variety of photos. After all, the image will accompany you throughout life.

It is better not to try to apply the image yourself. Black and white tattoos are quite complex in execution. To obtain a high-quality result, you need to step through all the elements and follow the necessary instructions. This will require the work of a professional.

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