Biomechanics tattoo - technical and human unity

girl black and white biomechanics

The appearance of tattoo biomechanics falls on the 80s in the United States of America. Special popularity came to this type of tattoo only at the beginning of the second millennium. A biomechanical style tattoo is a symbol of the modern stage in technical progress, which has given mankind new inventions in various spheres of life. The main meaning of these tattoos is a huge human potential and unlimited possibilities, supported by the scientific and technical revolution.

History and main differences of biomechanical tattoo

This is a fairly young trend in the art of tattooing, which is constantly evolving. From the photo you can see how the sketches of tattoo biomechanics changed.

tattoos in gray

  • At first the images were monochrome, in black color with gray inclusions.
  • Currently, this style has undergone major changes: there is a higher complexity in the scheme of execution and study of every smallest detail. The drawings began to be performed step by step in color, where the tones and semitones have sharp transitions.
  • Tattoo biomechanics is based on the image of the elements of mechanisms, circuits or machine parts instead of parts of the human body. Basically, such a tattoo is depicted in the form of metal components that protrude out through the skin. A “replacement” of a whole body fragment, such as an arm or a leg, can also be made.
  • It is also practiced drawing images of biomechanical alien creatures or scenes from films on this subject (“Terminator”, “Alien”, etc.). In order for sketches of tattoo biomechanics to be particularly realistic, it is necessary to make a thorough drawing of all the elements: gears, pistons, nuts, and so on.
  • The main visual volumetric effect — the torn flesh on the biomechanics style tattoo has a high degree of detail, which makes it look like a real wound, and drawn muscles, organs, bones, and tendons join the connection with the mechanical component.

tatuhi on the back

The emergence of this style is due to a very rapid growth rate of technology development. In tattoo biomechanics does not invest a certain meaning. It plays the role of a modern aesthetic body decoration, emphasizing the inner world and imagination of its carrier. A huge variety of sketches of tattoos in this direction allows you to make yourself wearable pictures for every taste and color.

biomechanical tattoos on female bodies

Biomechanics Tattoo Style Branches

The style of bio-mechanics involves several sub-styles. Consider some of them.

hands of terminator

  • Klokvork - the integration in the image of the components of the human body with elements of the clock mechanism, which is achieved using modern technologies;
  • New cheekbones - modern cyber weave in combination with traditional elements of tattoos create new unique creations in art "body drawing";
  • Realism and 3D - its fundamental is the most accurate and truthful picture as a whole and the detailing of the characteristic features of objects;
  • Steampunk - contains at its core elements of science fiction. In this sub-floor, the mechanic plays the leading role, and in particular the steam-based engine.

drawings of someone else and terminator

Every year more and more new substrates appear and a variety of sketches of biomechanical tattoos is added.

Choosing a place for applying biomechanical tattoo

You need to proceed from the design of tattoos. It is worthwhile to think carefully on which part of your body you want to make a tatoo. It is better to seek a hint to a professional master who has a good imagination.

bio-mechanics on the forearm

  • One of the favorite areas on the body for tattooing biomechanics is the forearm. This site is first striking, but it can also be quickly hidden under clothing. Due to the constant movement of the hand, the image becomes dynamic. There are no restrictions for putting tattoos on this part of the body, it all depends only on the imagination and imagination of the future owner.
  • Tattoo biomechanics on the leg will look great in both men and women. The former are usually chosen for tattoos in the lower leg, and the latter in the hip area. You can also decorate the image of the ankle, but the size of the picture will be small.
  • Tattoo biomechanics on the arm is the most popular. The wrist area or the area below the elbow is the best choice for drawing a picture. For special connoisseurs of tattoo art, a tattoo of biomechanics, which will be composed of multicolor realistic images, will be suitable.
  • An extensive field for creativity will be the back. Here you can put a large headdress of a large size.
  • The biomechanics tattoo on the shoulder can be made according to a particularly complex sketch. On this site, the articulation of living tissue and metallic inclusions will look great.

robot feet

Biomechanical tattoo for men

Awesome and brutal appearance, as well as the use of mechanical elements in the images made this style more suitable for the stronger sex. Male tattoos have many options for execution. Of particular relevance acquired images with ragged edges of the skin, which are turned out or exactly cut off the skin, exposing the mechanical element. Such ornaments can not only agitate the mind, but also plunge into shock.

tricks in biomechanical style for guys

Often images of monsters are applied, as if tearing the skin and ready to break free. Thanks to the play of colors, such tattoos are very effective and bright.

Biomechanical tattoo for girls

Cybermechanical images look rude and scary, so these are not female tattoos at all. However, some girls prefer this particular style to emphasize their individuality and stand out from the crowd. It will look good pattern on the side, showing the edges of the metal in conjunction with small parts: tubes, wiring. You can also pin images on your hand or foot. If you give the elements a rounded shape and add more colors, the picture can be made a little more feminine.

tattoos for girls

As with any tattoo, it is not recommended to apply a tattoo biomechanics to yourself at home. It is better to turn to a good salon to a professional who will gradually apply the pattern and you will receive a high-quality picture. If you do the tattoo yourself, you can not achieve the desired result.

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