Belly button piercing

navel earring

The most beautiful type of piercing, gained great popularity among the fairer sex. The roots of this event go straight to Egypt, with priests walking with a pierced navel. Now the owner of the piercing in the navel are girls with a slim silhouette and a flat tummy. There are several variations of the puncture, but the most popular is the puncture of the umbilical part of the top of the base to the bottom.

Procedure progress

The process of piercing itself begins with the disinfection of the area being pierced, after which the master asks about the options for anesthesia, then selection of a sterile disposable needle is carried out. This thin needle makes a puncture in the navel, and an earring is passed through it. At the end of the event it is necessary to impose a dressing soaked in chlorhexidine. If you have a desire to change the earrings from medical steel for any kind of decorative ornament, then you can only accomplish this after 4 weeks.

body decoration

 How to care for the puncture site?

After the procedure, painful sensations can be experienced at the puncture site, these sensations can persist for up to 5 days, at this time it is necessary to limit body bends, exercise, and eliminate sharp attacks.

With this caution you will spend about six months, until the final healing of the puncture. Neatness should be exercised in the same way in wearing clothes, try not to wear tight clothes and not to wear synthetics. The puncture site must be treated with miramistin or chlorhexidine not less than 5 times a day, in no case should the navel be treated with alcohol. Forbidden for you will be a trip to the sea, a trip to the sauna, swimming pool.

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