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Apparatus weight loss is a wellness procedure aimed at body correction and a gradual reduction in body weight. Hardware procedures for losing weight can achieve amazing results if used in parallel with proper nutrition and a well-designed exercise program. Such measures to improve body contours and reduce their own weight become the most in demand on the eve of the beach season.

Popular methods of losing weight with the involvement of special equipment

Hardware methods of weight loss are based on the impact of special installations, equipment and simulators on the human body, and both on the whole body, and on the processing of individual, so-called problem areas. According to the results of the beginning of the 2016 season, the following procedures became the most popular among clients.


slimming cavitation

  • This hardware method of losing weight involves the use of ultrasonic waves, which are aimed at the effective destruction of fat cells.
  • As a rule, prior to the start of the cavitation procedure, clients are invited to perform body volume measurements in order to visually verify the effectiveness of the method used. The result of a regular cavitation session will be the elimination of 1–2 cm in body volume.
  • The recommended course is usually about 10 sessions, but can be either increased or reduced depending on the individual characteristics of the structure of the client’s body and the desired result.


Apparatus cosmetology for weight loss, such as mesotherapy, aimed at correcting body contours and eliminating excessive subcutaneous fat, has recently received at least widespread popularity than cosmetic procedures aimed at facial rejuvenation.

mesotherapy for weight loss

  • The whole point of the procedures is to act on the subcutaneous fat with specially selected (or composed) cocktails, administered through ordinary needles, or through the use of special devices.
  • Not only is this method sufficiently effective, but it will also be affordable for most people. Depending on the method chosen for the method of cocktail, the price of mesotherapy for weight loss varies from 700 to 1500 rubles.
  • Apparatus cosmetology for weight loss has in its arsenal several types of cocktails for introduction into human tissue, which are aimed at burning fat cells, eliminating the manifestations of cellulite, lipolytic and drainage effects within the clipped zone.


Effective hardware weight loss, based on the lessons on a special platform, helps to achieve excellent results in a fairly short time. All this is about the vibroplatform for weight loss.

girls on vibroplatforms

  • It is easy to explain, because this technique combines both fitness training and apparatus massage for weight loss.
  • Coursework lasts an average of one maximum two months. During this period, you should not get involved in strict diets or starvation, but the results from classes will be several times higher if you stick to a balanced diet in the diet.

Infrared rays

Hardware-based slimming techniques with the use of infrared rays are also a kind of know-how in "weight loss science". I would like to note that, contrary to popular belief that the IR rays burn fat cells, in fact they only improve blood circulation, thereby accelerating the metabolic processes in the body. Simply put, such procedures are aimed at improving metabolism and should be combined with other methods, such as, for example, apparatus massages for weight loss.

infrared thermal blanket

Modern beauty - the industry allows not only to apply, but also effectively combine hardware methods of losing weight with each other. Such an approach to beauty will make it possible to achieve the desired goal not just in the shortest possible time, but to evaluate the positive changes already after the first session.

The essence and principles of modern massage techniques using specialized equipment

Hardware massages for weight loss is not an invention of modernity. Of course, with the advent of electricity and other energy sources, the possibilities of medical and cosmetology techniques have expanded, but hundreds of years ago, instead of the existing instruments and installations, ordinary stones, household items, food, in particular cereals, as well as peeled sticks, prepared cans and small containers were used. .

Even then, it was known that by using additional means and objects, it is possible to achieve much greater results, while reducing own costs and saving yourself from excessive fatigue, which is especially important when performing therapeutic manipulations on your own.

Comparing manual and apparatus massage for weight loss, we can safely conclude that the effect of massage with the additional use of special equipment manifests its effect on the human body not only faster, but also brighter. Passing a full course of procedures allows you to achieve the following improvements:

  • Deep study of all muscle groups involved during the session. Due to this, the processes of rejuvenation, weight loss and elimination of cellulite manifestations are launched;
  • Increased production of collagen and elastin fibers, which ensures the preservation of youthful skin and slows the aging process of tissues;
  • Improving the microcirculation in the circulatory system, supplying tissue cells with beneficial substances, and normalizing the flow of oxygen.

vacuum massage

Effective hardware weight loss is a pledge of beauty for everyone, because using aids it is possible to eliminate completely subtle defects of the figure or significantly correct more serious flaws. The only minus that negatively characterizes hardware-based weight loss is the relatively high price even for a single session.

The most popular types of hardware massage

LPG-massage remains the absolute record holder in the field of unique procedures for the improvement and correction of the body for many years. Hardware method of losing weight, carried out with the use of LPG - installation, allows to achieve an effect that is not inferior to methods of losing weight, based on the use of laser equipment. The advantages of this technique are:

  • A huge range and continuous improvement of equipment for performing procedures;
  • The ability to carry out corrective procedures on delicate areas of the body, such as the neckline, neck, face, inner surface of the forearm and others;
  • Universality of installation, which is explained by the variety of nozzles used on the main unit. Enough uncomplicated manipulations carried out on the skin surface can achieve results not only on the upper layers of the epidermis, but also use deeper layers, for example, muscle tissue or subcutaneous fat;
  • Through active involvement of not only the blood vessels, but also the nerve fibers, it becomes possible to obtain a powerful integrated effect of recovery of the whole organism.

lpg massage

Since scientific medical technologies are not standing still, then hardware massages for weight loss are available in several versions today.

The main types of LPG - technology

Classic LPG-massage apparatus is aimed at solving a number of aesthetic problems of a person’s appearance, which explains the appearance of some varieties of the technique used:

  • Lipomassage according to the method of ergodrayv. Such ergodrayv-massage is based on a single principle with a classic LPG, only implies a much greater efficiency from the impact, and, accordingly, the need for fewer procedures. The method of ergodrayv-massage belongs to a number of non-invasive technologies that allow you not only to correct body defects, eliminating them for a period of time, but really engage in the treatment of aesthetic problems disturbing the client. A distinctive feature in the technique of this massage is the ability to handle hard-to-reach areas and effectively affect any part of the body. The estimated cost of a one-time procedure is about 1,500 rubles;
  • Massage Correction Technique LPG - Huber. At the heart of the technique, as is already clear from the name, is the same principle of LPG massage. But the difference lies in the fact that the procedure is based on visual analysis and control of all ongoing processes in real time. The fact is that the design of the device is equipped with a special display, which allows not only to feel, but to see the body's reaction to the massage effect according to the LPG method - Huber. This method of massage is truly unique, as it allows you to influence not only the soft tissues of the body, but also strengthen the muscular frame, tendons, ligaments. The cost of a single visit to such a session will cost those who want to improve in 1400 - 1600 rubles.

Lipomassage ergodrayv and lpg-huber technology

The use of hardware methods for losing weight at home

The most common tools for hardware slimming procedures at home are various types of electronic myostimulants. Judging by the reviews experienced losing weight, you can identify some features in the application of these devices.

Pros when using miostimulyatory:

  • It is completely safe for nursing girls and in no way harms the health of young mothers, which allows the use of a stimulant almost immediately after childbirth;
  • Excellent dynamics of positive results, the maximum achieved results are recorded at around 20 kilograms in just six months of regular use;
  • Stable improvements are noted both in the condition of the muscles and in the elasticity of the skin;
  • Proportional weight loss and body volume reduction, excluding the possibility of sagging tissues and sagging skin;
  • The absence of painful and even unpleasant sensations, the ability to adjust the level of electrical impulse delivery, depending on the use of a program of operation described in the instructions of the device;
  • Absolute freedom of action and movement. Such devices do not hold down movements and allow you to quietly go about your household chores while the device makes the human muscle tissue work.

home muscle stimulants

The disadvantages of using devices include:

  • Due to the increased interest in such technical devices, their price has also increased;
  • Doubtful effectiveness and absolutely unimpressive results, provided that the food and sports regimes are not observed during the period of training. So in this case it is worth considering the use of such devices not as the main way of losing weight, but as part of a planned program consisting of several types of exposure.

Since the action of any miostimulyator implies a dosed effect of current in order to heal (heal) a person, it is imperative to consult with a specialist on the question of contraindications and precautions before starting a course of procedures.

Types of hardware massage at home

Often the reason to refuse to visit the salon for a course of massage or at least a trial session on the hardware massage is either a lack of free time, or a banal money saving. In this case, an excellent technique will help, which is available for the majority of those who want to improve their own shape and correct the existing shortcomings on their own, without spending money on expensive sessions with professionals or on the costs of attending procedures on expensive installations. An excellent solution to help oneself achieve results on the way to the ideal figure - vacuum massage with cans. Benefits of canned massage at home:

  • Pretty quick results;
  • Significant improvement in skin condition;
  • Beneficial effects on the circulatory system;
  • Since any vegetable oil (almond, olive, grape) is used in the can massage, it is possible not only to tighten, but also to get rid of the dryness of the skin, significantly feeding and moisturizing it.

home can massage

Independently influence the vacuum on the body should be a special pattern:

  1. Movement in the course of the massage should be directed towards the heart;
  2. The abdominal area is massaged only by circular movements, as a result of which the work of the digestive system is normalized;
  3. The inner surface of the thigh is massaged with extreme caution (or not massaged at all), avoiding any manifestations of hemorrhage. Hip massage is best done in a sitting position, having previously studied step by step recommendations for a massage session;
  4. The external surface of the thigh is massaged in the direction from the knee to the body;
  5. The buttocks are massaged either upwards or in a circular motion;
  6. The only exception is a can massage. Massage using cans at the site of the mammary glands is strictly prohibited.

To increase the time and strength when conducting canned massage is phased. With regular classes for two to three months, it is possible to get excellent results, slightly inferior to the effectiveness of salon procedures.

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