Aggressive piercing

piercing corset

Piercing corset

Extraordinary piercing. It is a complex and time consuming process.

On the female back, thigh or throat make a lot of holes located opposite each other, and after all the punctures are completed, the tape is pulled into these piercing rings. This creates the appearance of a corset. But since this procedure is very painful, you can initially offer you an alternative, as play corset.The procedure resembles a piercing-corset, but the jewelry is implanted only for a while, without bringing painful sensations. It is like a training model, after which you decide for yourself your readiness for a real piercing-corset. To perform the procedure, you must first make a sketch of the future holes, then all the punctures are made.

types of body piercing

At the end of all manipulations, you have a long and careful care for a large number of punctures. It is necessary to be attentive and during the treatment not to miss a single hole, so that it does not appear infection. To speed up healing it is necessary to use foods rich in zinc. And also be patient, because such a piercing heals for about 6 months.

Hand piercing

puncture on the arm

This type of piercing for extreme people and with great patience, because in order for the punctures to heal it will take a decent amount of time and endure a lot of pain. After all, the skin is quite thick. The hands are mobile and often come into contact with clothing, as well as frequent contact with water, which increases the likelihood of infection. Requires very careful maintenance. Piercing areas can be like fingers, wrist, forearm, hands.

Cheek piercing

pierced cheeks

The most common type of puncture is a puncture resembling a dimple in the cheek. Piercing is a piercing through the cheeks. This piercing slightly damaged nerves and therefore appear on the cheeks like dimples. There is another option for creating such dimples - the installation of microdermals. This is a more benign procedure than piercing the cheek, with them you can avoid possible complications, such as the secretion of lymph, a liquid resembling saliva and having an unpleasant smell.

Eyeball piercing

eye piercing

Many ophthalmologists say that implanting this kind of decoration into an eyeball can lead to undesirable consequences, such as scars and bleeding. But there are also specialists who do not see any threats in this procedure, for example, in the Netherlands, the clinic of modern ophthalmology in the city of Rotterdam, performs similar procedures and implants miniature jewelry. They assure people of absolute harmlessness and the absence of any complications.

For this procedure, platinum plates with a width of 3.5 mm, different in shape, heart, cross, crescent, are used. They are implanted in the front side of the eyeball or in the mucous membrane (conjunctiva), covering the inner surface of the eyelid. Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia (drops with anesthetic effect). For the operation using a microscope and it lasts about 15 minutes. The cost of such an operation hovers around 600 dollars. Before you go on this operation, it is worth thinking, since the tissues of the mucous membrane of the eye are very unstable, the implanted decoration can move, and movement can provoke irritation, scarring or bleeding.

Hanging or piercing "Hooks under the skin"

The most terrifying and reckless kind of punctures, designed to get the thrill. In this procedure, open hooks and closed locks can be used. The latter are inaccessible due to their high cost. The use of hooks with a lock increases the load capacity and more secure fixation, and a suspended body can slip off from the open hooks, which is unacceptable because the action takes place at a height. But still, ordinary hooks are gaining favor with their cheapness.

hooks under the skin

The hanging procedure is very dangerous. It is necessary to make the correct puncture of the skin together with fatty tissue, 2-3 cm thick. In suspension it is the most important thing, only a uniformly made puncture can withstand the load and leave you without tearing the skin. But hematomas after such a procedure can not be avoided.


From eng. "skin"- skin, " diver “is the diver-decoration used in microimplantation (implantation). It is installed in the same way as the microdermal, the arrangement is carried out according to the principle of a cap on the outside, and the rod is in the skin, such decoration is kept thanks to a cone at the end of the rod. Outwardly, the skindiver looks like a rivet. The skindiver earring is made of titanium, which is not susceptible to rejection and takes root faster.

The advantages of the skindiver are: small injury, low risk of rejection, fast healing, can be placed anywhere on the body, with the help of skin divers you can create any pattern, the decoration does not warp because of the balance of the center of gravity, skin divers can be located very close to each other, Installing from is fairly simple.

Brain piercing


One of the most shocking and exotic procedures, a man who decided to do a brain piercing, should be very bold and reckless. Brain piercing is a puncture in the skull, in which the jewelry is placed. Such holes are usually located in the occipital zone, this is due to the fact that there is a hypothesis, if you do a piercing on the back of your head, you can feel the bliss and euphoria due to the location of the receptors in this part of the skull. The procedure itself is very complicated and high in price and is not available in all salons. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the procedure performed may have a negative impact on your health, so before you go to the salon, think carefully about its need.

Procedure progress

The nape is shaved, 2 holes are drilled in it, through which a metal ring is threaded through a special needle. The procedure is naturally performed under anesthesia.

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